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Thursday, January 26, 2006

"Increased Penalty" is Still Shorter Than the Crime

I'm glad O'Reilly finally got off his keister and hit the Judge Edward Cashman situation. When I commented on the story a few weeks ago, O'Reilly was doing 24x7 analysis of his appearance on Lettermand - despite the fact that he's been talking about Jessica's law for quite some time. (I was actually surprised that this news of Cashman's ruling didn't reach him until at least a week later.)

Anyway, it seems that Cashman is now trying to placate his critics - which I think includes almost everyone except the editorial boards of the Vermont newspapers and many of the those from the "crime has two victims: the real victim and the one who committed the crime" Left. He's apparently revisited the punishment, in light of the state's willingess to give the psychopath treatment while in prison:


A judge who was widely vilified after he sentencing a man to 60 days in jail for sexually abusing a child said Thursday he would increase that sentence to at least three years.

The judge said he felt he could impose the longer sentence now because the state had agreed to provide treatment to the man while he is behind bars. Originally, the state had said such treatment would not come until time was served.

Well, in my opinion, Cashman is still deficient... the little twerp is only going to serve 3 years behind bars... Can we all at least agree that the punishment should at least last as long as the crime did? In this case, the pedophile - yes, that's what he is, although you'll never hear him called that in the press - raped a 7 year old for 4 years.

While it's great that Cashman has upped the penalty, it's nowhere near what it should be. In addition the the 4 years of hell for the poor little girl, it is likely that she will be traumatized for the rest of her life.

As I pointed out in my original post on the subject, Cashman seems to have a soft spot for drunken drivers and pedophiles. Ahh, the freedom of the fresh, Vermont air... where a man can drive drunk and rape a child for 4 years - and only get a slap on the wrist!

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SicSemperTyrannus said...

ANY judge who believes that "punishment doesn't work" should be removed from the bench, either by resignation or by impeachment.
Of course, tarred, feathered, and ridden out the state on rail works for me.