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Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Humorous Look at Google Searches

Jon(athan) Swift offers to the Justice Department the following explanations of some of his searches:

As you can see there are innocent explanations for all of them:

paris hilton video - I was planning a vacation and looking for a video
travelogue about hotels in Paris.

nude teens - This was a typo. I was looking for "rude teens" to research a
piece on the decline of manners in American young people, which is a very big

growing marijuana - I was researching the problem of growing marijuana use
in the U.S. I must have left off the word "use."

escorts - I was doing research on buying a Ford.

viagra - This was for a tribute I was writing on Bob Dole.

download free music - Of course I support copyright laws and was doing
research on the criminals who break them.

google earth dick cheney's house - I have always been curious about where
our Vice President stays when he is not in hiding. That's all. It was nothing
more than curiosity. I don't think this search was ultimately successful,

olsen twins - Who doesn't like the Olsen twins and their fine family

loofah sponges - I don't remember why I was searching for this.

jon swift is a hunk-"Did not match any documents" Sigh.

gay porn - I honestly don't know how this got on my list of searches. I
think someone was using my computer and I aim to find out who it was.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: MontereyJohn