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Monday, January 09, 2006

The Conspiracy Hits NYC

Yes, both Brian and I are in New York City this week... And let me tell you, we can just feel the love. While we're here for different reasons, we'll be keeping up the Conspiracy. No doubt the Kossacks are trying to track us down right now, concerned that the Conspiracy now stretches from the East coast to the West.


Right now I'm watching the Alito hearing and I can't believe that Leahy is going after Alito this strongly in this opening. It displays that he's clearly already made up his mind about Alito, regardless of what Alito says. Before Alito even has a chance to open his mouth, Leahy has called Alito a lap-dog for Bush, said that he's disappointed that Alito has a white penis, and has attacked him on a variety of other fronts.

While I have no doubt that Alito will win any debate with Leahy, it's interesting that Leahy is showing his hand so early. Why not bring these issues up in the heat of questioning? If I were Leahy or Schumer, I would be overly gracious in my opening and then hit hard with my questions. But perhaps they fear his ability to respond to these charges, so they'll just unleash in their openings.

Leahy: "I have not decided how I will vote on this nomination."

Does anyone really believe that given his opening statement?

Be sure to check out Bench Memos throughout this week.

And check out this flash animation... heh

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Comments (6)
Monterey John said...

NYC in January. Hmmmm... think I'd rather put my eye out with a butter knife. However, if you have to be there, be sure to get dinner at the Rainbow Room atop Rockefeller Center.

St Wendeler said...

Well, I realize that that the Rainbow Room (menu here)may be a regular stop for those of you with Juris Doctors (pointing at John & Penelope), but us working stiffs will likely be hitting the local kebab house.


St Wendeler said...

*In Homer Simpson Voice* hmmm, a kebab from Times Square...

Monterey John said...

Ahem! There are times to be cheap, and there are times to go for the gusto. This is a latter situation! And hey, if that moron at the Savis center can blow $250k on lap dances in New York, your multi-billion dollar employer can pop for one stinking $150 meal at the Rainbow Room.
If you are not embarassed into it by this time, at least go up there for a drink. One of the nicest views in NYC.

Monterey John said...

Then there is the Blarney Stone on 23rd Street. What it lacks in class it also lacks in atmosphere. But you could visit a few of my brain cells there.
Around the corner on 2nd is another Irish establishment where after a Harp or Jameson's too many, Desert Rat and I struck up a rousing chorus of Rule Britania while they were passing the hat for the IRA.
Those were the days my friend..

Desert Rat said...

Oh, lord. The Blarney Stone! Also there was Gloccamora and Shandon's! How many hours and dollars did Monterey John and I spend in those dives? Avoid Danny Boys, if at all possible. That's where the Provos hang out and they don't appreciate a rousing chorus of "God Save The Queen." I still don't know how we got out of that bar alive!