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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Bin Laden to US: Surrender or you'll REALLY get it.

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Bin Laden says that he's going to attack us, offers "long-lasting truce":

Bin Laden Warns of Attacks, Offers Truce
Jan 19 10:28 AM US/Eastern
CAIRO, Egypt

Al-Jazeera aired an audiotape purportedly from Osama bin Laden on Thursday, saying al-Qaida is making preparations for attacks in the United States but offering a truce to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan.

The voice on the tape said heightened security measures in the United States are not the reason there have been no attacks there since the Sept. 11, 2001, suicide hijackings.

Instead, the reason is "because there are operations that need preparations, and you will see them," he said.

"Based on what I have said, it is better not to fight the Muslims on their land," he said. "We do not mind offering you a truce that is fair and long-term. ... So we can build Iraq and Afghanistan ... there is no shame in this solution because it prevents wasting of billions of dollars ... to merchants of war."

The speaker did not give conditions for a truce in the excerpts aired by the Arab broadcaster.

John Kerry will now call for a formal armistice signing with Bin Laden. I predict that it will take less than 24 hours for the Left to start calling for us to comply with OBL's request and withdraw.... the rationale will be that we've "won" and we don't want to suffer another attack.

This DU post takes 3 comments before ARC's 1st Law rears its ugly head - suggesting that this is a Rovian ploy.

This DU post only takes 1 comment before a suggestion that this was to distract from bad poll numbers, 3 to mention Rove. This comment is just rich:
30. Yep, an election year. So pretty soon it'll be time for the old colored

terror alerts. Haven't had any of them since the election either ~

Whenever I hear about Osama tapes, I think of the Chevy Chase movie where they bought the house in the country and the realtor with the help of the locals, made sure there was a deer running through the property when they came to look at the house. 'Cue the deer' ~

'Cue the Osama tape' ~
'Cue the terror alerts' ~

I wonder if anyone, other than freepers, falls for this anymore? No one I know does, including Republicans. It's just become part of everyday life now. Like predictions of bad storms, that sometimes happen and sometimes don't.

*** Brian adds ***
Looks like the Saint beat me to it. Thats what I get for IM'ing him before posting. Just for that I changed the title to correspond with my argument. So there!

My first thought is this is brilliant strategy on the part of OBL. He can get the anti-war left further on his side by offering "a surrender" that pulls at the paleocon base of Bush in the "just leave everyone alone crowd". I never thought that OBL could do such a strategic move however, since without a show of strength he cannot recruit and maintain new members.

If you look closely at the media reports of the tape, however, it appears that his actual "truce" is nothing of the sort. Thats spin. His truce essentially amounts to, "Leave me alone or I shall be forced to do something really really really bad".

To put this in proper perspective, imagine, that as the US crossed the Rhine and was moving into German proper, Hitler had said to the allied powers, "Ok, if you guys promise to go back to England, and let me keep France, Austria, Poland, etc., I promise to not really really hurt you guys and fight back."

This tape is a sign of weakness. It's a sign that we are winning, that Bush's strategy in Iraq is putting a strain on the ability of Al Queda to further conduct operations. He needs to be left alone to rebuild his army and dominate the region again. He see's that freedom is penetrating into the fear societies that have traditionally been in the region and that is detrimental to the patriarchal Caliphate (read Empire) that is his ultimate goal.

I'm surprised at the DU reaction. They haven't read the offer obviously. They are reacting to "new OBL tape" and not "truce". I predict that as Saint points out the DUers will use this as a way to say it's over, we've won! So stop "wasting [money]... on the merchants of war."

*** Further update: Brian ***

JPod at the corner points to OBL's previous offer of a "truce":
This isn't the first time that Bin Laden has offered America a "deal." In the Bin Laden tape released a few days before the November 2004 election, he essentially offered a separate peace deal to U.S. states that voted against the president: "Any U.S. state that does not toy with our security automatically guarantees its own security," he said, according to the invaluable translation by Yigal Carmon of the Middle East Media Research Institute. This wasn't much noted at the time because the sentence was originally mistranslated by U.S. media sources to suggest Bin Laden was offering a truce to other nations, not the 50 states of the Union.

Posted at 11:17 AM

That's the first I had heard of that particular translation. Which makes sense really, since it was timed to influence the election.

Comparing the two statements, it's interesting how OBL honestly thinks we're afraid of him. That he can issue a threat and cause us to abandon our efforts to date. That we have no stomach for battle. I wonder where he would get that sort of idea.

*** Further further update ***

Austin Bay sums it up much simpler than I just did:

Osama’s Terms

Essentially, the new Bin Laden tape says “please don’t wage war on our turf, but let us wage war on yours.”

Bringing the War on Terror to the center of the politically dysfunctional Muslim world is absolutely key to obtaining the long term victory Americans expect and the world deserves.

The desperation thats inherent in his offer of truce should be given the derision it deserves.


Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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Brian said...

The more I read about the media talking about OBL offering a "truce" the angrier I am getting. What truce is he offering? What are the conditions?

All I hear is get out of Muslim lands, stop wasting money attacking me, and further threats against the US. It's a strange "truce"