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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ayman Zawahiri (D - Al Qaeda)

Why is it that so much of what Zawahiri said in a recent video tape could've been lifted from speeches by Howard Dean, John Murtha, Cynthia McKinney, or any number of university professors from around the country?

"Bush, you must admit that you have been defeated in Iraq and that you are being defeated in Afghanistan and that you will soon be defeated in Palestine," Zawahiri said, according to a translation of his statement by the Washington-based SITE Institute.

Zawahiri, an Egyptian who is al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden's top lieutenant, warned Americans that "as long as you do not deal with Muslim nations with understanding and respect, you will still go from one disaster to another. And your calamity will not end, unless you leave our lands and stop stealing our resources and stop supporting the bad rulers in our countries."
I mean, if you subsitute first person (we) for Zawahiri's second person ("you") in the quoted passages, it sounds an awful lot like the Moonbat lefties from International ANSWER, Code Pink, the International Action Center / Worldwide Workers Party, and the DNC. It has all the usual relativism, calls for understanding, colonialist and anti-corporate messages, etc.

Perhaps Dean & Co just view Zawahiri as disadvantaged voters and have sent them an outreach package containing their greatest hits?

More likely is that Zawahiri, being more media savvy than the Democrats, have seized upon their rhetoric - in effect attempting to "prove" that the Murthites calling for immediate withdrawal are correct.

Check out Jeff Goldstein's analysis here, which starts out mocking a Moonbat lefty that's cheering Zawahiri on and then goes into a deeper analysis of how the Dems are undermining our effort. By calling for the withdrawal of troops due to our "inability to win in Iraq" instead of calling for the withdrawal now that elections have successfully occurred, the Dems purposefully opted to weaken the position of the US in the WOT. Now that Zawahiri is echoing those sentiments, the Moonbats are seizing on it as proof of their position.
Then today, we find that Left Coaster actually enjoys that the US Commander in Chief in a time of war is supposedly being “played like a violin” by al Qaeda—that those who have vowed to kill us and who slaughter civilians on a whim have supposedly outmaneuvered the President and the military in Iraq, the proof being that Zawahiri appears to be following the Democratic-narrative that any withdraw of troops should be seen as a defeat for the US, an acknowledgment that we are losing the war, and are so succumbing to pressure both from the insurgents and the Democratic party leadership (who, on this particular issue, seem to be on the very same page).

Of course, this is a rhetorical ploy—another instance of an attempt to have perception trump reality—as the Democrat leadership (led by their military hero poster child, Jack Murtha) rushed around in advance of the latest elections (and in anticipation of the likely strong voter turnout) demanding a draw down of US troops on the patently false assertion that the war in Iraq was being lost, even while they knew such a draw down was inevitable (and was tied to a position of strength, and to conditions on the ground, rather than some arbitrary time table).

Simple Question: Why is it that the Dems and the Left want to weaken the US and benefit Al Qaeda?

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