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Monday, January 23, 2006

Another Victory for the Blogosphere

First Dan Rather...

Now the Canadian government:

Harper wins Tory minority government
Last Updated Mon, 23 Jan 2006 23:11:38 EST
CBC News

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper will become Canada's next prime minister, as Canadians have elected a Tory minority government and ended a 12-year reign of Liberal rule.

Nationwide, the Tories are currently leading or elected in 122 ridings, the Liberals in 104, the Bloc in 50 and 30 for the NDP.

The Tories appeared to make significant gains in Ontario and Quebec, leading or elected in at least two dozen seats in Central Canada.

The NDP also made major gains, up 11 from the 2004 vote.

In Quebec, where they were shut out in 2004, the Tories made major inroads, leading or elected in 10 ridings, eight from the Bloc and two from the Liberals.
At least, that's how I'm going to spin it.

Is there any doubt that without Captain Ed breaking the idiotic publishing ban regarding the Adscam scandal in Canada that Paul Martin wouldn't be crying tonight?

So, let's see... the right-side of the blogosphere has taken down one of the legendary broadcasters in the MSM and helped nudge the Liberal government in Canada out of power.... and the left-side of the blogosphere? All they have is a bunch of papier-mache Bush & Cheney dolls... and John Kerry posting on DailyKos and Howard Dean & OBL stealing their talking points. How pathetic...

And while the Left cheered at the election of a "Leftist" (who is better described as a drug kingpin), asking "Can we finally call it a trend?" - there's no word from them on the "trend" up north.

See Captain Ed
and Michelle Malkin for election liveblogging.

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Comments (3)
Anonymous said...

I was not cheering it on. You wingers need to realize that stating something factual - the fact that south America keeps electing these socialist types - is not an endorsement of it or "bias". Furthermore, I think you'll find that the conservative party in Canada is a far cry from what conservatism is here in the U.S.


St Wendeler said...

Sure, Canada certainly would not be called a Red State. But, Harper is no Al Gore or John Kerry.

And yes, you were cheering on the coca king down in Bolivia.

saintknowitall said...

the Canadians might have a conservative as PM but the press is still liberal. Check out the latest bilge spilled by Al "the horn" Gore and repeated by the Canadian press.