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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Administrative Update

Well, this post has been on my plate for some time... But with all of the other issues of the day, it's been pushed to the bottom of the pile. Given that it's a new year, I really shouldn't put it off any more.

It's time to update our Lefty Moonbat blogroll.

Since this blog started in February of 2005, we've been listing a few of the main and lower tier blogs that are great sources for moonbat hysteria on a daily basis. Well, I'm sad that I have to announce that several of our favorites have ceased posting.

One of the first Lefty Moonbats to visit our site and engage us in debate was DownLeft (affectionately referred to here sa "Downer"). Downer's goal for the blog was to discuss "progressive" politics in downstate Illinios - thus the title of DownLeft. Apparently well connected with Dem pols (always seemed to be keeping track of who was running in the Dem primary for dog catcher), Downer was always willing to engage in a debate over the WOT, the illegal war in Iraq (apparently they're different wars in his (her?) mind), why May Day wasn't a more celebrated event here in the US, etc. It was always spirited and Downer's political and partisan use of Memorial Day really did set me off. It was in stark contrast to this post of mine regarding the same subject. Downer - We bid you adieu...

Next to leave the blogosphere was Jamie at For some reason, she registered this address, but the title of her blog was "Hillary! Now." Upon inquiry, she informed me that she wanted to reserve the address so those wascally republicans wouldn't take it - now that's thinking ahead (although a little twisted). Jamie was very partisan, but we often engaged in spirited, but very amiable debates. She recognized the humor intended in the title of this blog and wasn't afraid to engage us in debates here or on her blog. Jamie's last post said that she was looking for an "out" so she could focus on other things and due to the increase in the number of pro-Hillary blogs now, she felt that her presence was no longer required. Jamie - It was fun and we enjoyed your blog.

So, with those two blogs removed from the Moonbat Lefties blogroll, it's time to revisit the blogs we link to. Here are the current blogs on the roll:

  1. Bitch Ph.D. - Whatever you do, don't apply a social construct to this ultra-feminist blogger.
  2. DailyKos - Each visit is guaranteed to provide hilarity
  3. Eric Blumrich - Interessted in flash animation of dead bodies, Cheney's snarl, and Chimpy MCBushitler?? Visit Eric!
  4. Majikthise - Her sardonic expression says it all
  5. Oliver Willis
    Think Progress - The Twinkiemeister! Like the treat from Hostess, lots of external appeal, but no substance
  6. Common Dreams - And by "Common" they mean common to those dreaming of a socialist utopia
  7. Sirota Blog - As uninformed about free trade and economics as anyone
  8. Democratic Underground - The DUers "Demopedia" (reflecting their "reality") contains this entry for MIHOP, so you KNOW that any visit to DU will be humorous. Any time there's breaking news, we visit DU to see how it's nefariously connected to Rove/Bush/Bush Family Evil Empire/etc
  9. - Bush Lied, Miners Died (or something like that)
  10. The Raw Story - The Left's answer to Drudge
  11. Ted Rall - Sick and twisted bastard who gets paid by newspapers across the country for cartoons that my 3 year old could draw
We're also going to remove MoveOn.Org, being that they're not much of a blog and I might as well just link to the DNC website given the similarity of message. (Something about Bought the Party & Now We Own It springs to mind.)

Here are the new blogs/sites that will now be added:
Eschaton / Atrios / "Lord of the Open Thread"
The News Blog
Stupid Country - SC was willing to engage us in a debate over the NSA/FISA kerfluffle.
Talking Points Memo
Washington Monthly
911 Truth - Exposing the Truth of 9/11 (Bush MIHOP)
Firedoglake - While these guys seem somewhat reasonable (for Moonbats), their commenters are just amazing

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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Stupid Country said...

You're really too kind.


St Wendeler said...

I know it's a badge of honor...

Welcome to the club! I look forward to reading your blog for new and "interesting" content.

St Wendeler