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Saturday, March 26, 2005

The UN

Yeah, sure... The UN is a slow, bureaucratic nightmare where thuggish regimes can tie the hands of democratic countries.... that's a given. But, at least when the UN acts, it really acts to make a better world... or at least better lives for those it's trying to help.

Oh, wait. I'm wrong on that, too...

UNITED NATIONS, March 24 - A report on sexual abuse by peacekeepers recommended Thursday that offending soldiers and their commanders be punished by their home countries, that payments made to them be recovered and put into a fund for victims and that the United Nations make compliance with these measures a condition for taking part in its missions.

Secretary General Kofi Annan commissioned the report from Prince Zeid Raad al Hussein, Jordan's ambassador to the United Nations, after evidence emerged that blue helmeted peacekeepers and civilian staff members had had sex with women and girls in Congo in exchange for food and money, and, in some cases, had committed rape. The report also recommended that the United Nations make counseling and medical care available to victims and provide assistance for "peacekeeper babies" left behind when the troops rotate back to their own countries.

Prince Zeid, a former military officer and civilian peacekeeper in Bosnia, said that current efforts to curb abuses were "ad hoc and inadequate" and that exploitative behavior was widespread.

In a cover letter, Mr. Annan said that while peacekeeping had brought stability to many countries over decades, the record had been damaged by acts he termed "unconscionable" and that present measures were "manifestly inadequate."

"Such abhorrent acts are a violation of the fundamental duty of care that all United Nations peacekeeping personnel owe to the local populations they serve," Mr. Annan said, adding that a "fundamental change in approach was needed."
I'm not sure whether Annan meant to say "Such abhorrent acts are a violation of the fundamental duty of care that all United Nations peacekeeping personnel owe to the local populations that serve them," because that is (in effect) what has been happening under his watch.

But don't worry, Billy Bob will fix that whole sex slavery problem up in a jiffy when he's Secretary General!

That's a shame
March 27, 2005

Depressed Annan close to quitting over UN scandals
Sarah Baxter
KOFI ANNAN, the United Nations secretary-general, is said to be struggling with depression and considering his future. Colleagues have reported concerns about Annan ahead of an official report this week that will examine his son Kojo’s connection to the controversial Iraqi oil for food scheme.

Depending on the findings of the report, by a team led by the former US Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker, Annan may have to choose between the secretary-generalship and loyalty to his son.
Now... if you read the entire article, there is just ONE speculation that Annan is depressed. The heading makes it sound like Annan is truly saddened by what has happened under his watch... And then provides no statement from Annan or his close advisors to that effect, just this speculation from "one close observer:"
One close observer at the UN said Annan’s moods were like a “sine curve” and that he appeared near the bottom of the trough.
Now, what the heck is a "close observer?" Does Mark Steyn count as one? Do I???

(What has happened to journalists?)

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Fasten Your Tinfoil

I saw this article by one Wayne Madsen in the Yemen Observer (surely an objective source for news...). HT to ARC: Brian, who found this from the great folks at PowerLine. Their assessment about Left Wing criticism being used as anti-American propaganda abroad is right on...

Anyway, the net is that Wayne Madsen is asserting that the Bush administration and Sharon were behind the Hariri assassination in Lebanon that sparked the calls for democratic reform and Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon. Read the whole thing, but here's a snippet

A number of intelligence sources have reported that assassinations of foreign leaders like Hariri and Hobeika are ultimately authorized by two key White House officials, Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove and Deputy National Security Adviser Elliot Abrams. In addition, Abrams is the key liaison between the White House and Sharon's office for such covert operations, including political assassinations.

"Abrams is the guy they [the Israelis] go to for a wink and a nod for such ops," reported one key source.
So, they've stumbled on to Another Rovian Conspiracy. Here, Rove & "the Jews" knock off Hariri in order to spark an anti-Syrian movement (not sure how that's bad, but let's accept it as fact) and to build a US airbase in Lebanon that will be used for R&R by troops stationed in Iraq... (and yes, it'll be constructed by that evil US-based private company, Bechtel).

Now, for kicks & giggles, I decided to find out who Madsen really is... the tagline in the article (** Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based journalist and columnist and the co-author of “America's Nightmare: The Presidency of George Bush II”.) gave me a glimpse, but probably gave him more credibility than he deserved. So, a simple google search later and I found a wealth of information.

Here's a pic of Mr. Madsen:

When I first saw this, he looked eerily familiar. Apparently, I had seen him on PBS' McNeil/Lehrer Report, discussing the US Spyplane that was downed in China early in 2001. (Unfortunately, it appears that Madsen isn't allowed to venture too far into conspiracy theories on this show.)

Anyway, other hits included this from DailyKos, which is an "End of Year Update on Investigation [into Ohio Election Fraud], posted on 12/31/2004. Apparently, Madsen has uncovered the mother of all conspiracies, called The Fellowship, which is made up of Dominionist (?), fundie/Rapture right-wingers across the world. In his communique to DailyKos, he links the Fellowship to the rigging of multiple US elections, in order to continue their world domination. He also ties them to several "suicides":
The jury is still out on Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS) of Dallas, but a certain Stephen Goldsmith, former GOP Mayor of Indianapolis, may be into some dirty business there involving red lining districts with high college student voting population (Indiana, home of several large universities, may have had its vote "hacked" as well). Gary Webb was investigating ACS and contract fraud in CA when he committed suicide on Dec. 10.

We also know that Florida DOT investigator Ray Lemme committed suicide in 2003 when he was investigating fraud involving Yang and the FL state government. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Executive Director John Millis committed suicide in 2000 when he was investigating CIA ties to Latin American drug cartels, links that involved the Bush family. State Dept. Iraq intelligence analyst John Kokal committed suicide in late 2003 after he questioned the attack on Iraq. Former CIA official Dr Gus Weiss committed suicide after he, too, questioned the attack on Iraq in late 2003. Dr David Kelly of Britain's MOD committed suicide after he questioned the validity of Iraq WMD reports. Danny Casolaro committed suicide in 1991 after he investigated Bush ties to weapons smuggling and drug deals. Paul Wilcher, a friend of Sarah McClendon, died in his apartment after he picked up on some of Casolaro's research. Charles Ruff and HPSCI's ranking member Julian Dixon dropped dead only weeks apart after being briefed by Millis on CIA-Bush-drug connection.

What was Gary Condit, also of HPSCI, briefed on by Millis? What did Condit tell his friend Chandra Levy, an intern for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Or what did he ask her to find out for him through her Bureau contacts? John F Kennedy Jr was working on a Bush-CIA-covert ops story for his George Magazine when his plane crashed. And what did poor Lori Klausutis discover before her body was discovered in Jan. 2001 in the FL office of GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough (the MSNBC colleague of someone who has made it his cause to rip apart my reporting on this election story)? Cliff Baxter, chief Enron witness for the govt. shot himself before he testified. John Tower had the goods on the Bushes, but his commuter plane crashed and killed him, his daughter and several other passengers. Paul Wellstone and his family and staff? Mel Carnahan? Bush biographer JH Hatfield? Athan Gibbs, the founder of TruVote International, the only clean election machine company. And the list goes on and on. At least those who are merely being fired -- the latest being the Pentagon's Jack Shaw, are getting the easier "treatment" from the Bush Mafia.
And, you'd be surprised to find out who else is part of "The Fellowship"... Why, it includes the leader of every single country that supported our adventure in Iraq...
The Prime Minister of Norway has just been outed as a member of this group. In fact, most of the so-called "Coalition of the Willing" nations' leaders are members of The Fellowship, e.g., Tonga, Macedonia, Palau, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Solomon Islands, Uganda, Rwanda, Guatemala, El Salvador, Denmark, Romania, Iceland, Fiji, Georgia, Colombia, possibly also Howard of Australia and Blair of Britain.

The Fellowship believes that ANYTHING is permitted in order to bring about a 1000-yr Kingdom of Christ on Earth, and that includes stealing elections and even murder.
Of course, the Kossacks eat this stuff up... and start discussing when indictments should be handed down for voter fraud in Ohio. (It's like they don't see the stark-raving lunacy and focus only on the storyline that they want to believe in - the election was stolen in Ohio by Diebold.) There are a few Kossacks that "don't believe," but they clearly are in the minority.

Here's a link to a DU discussion thread which is a Q&A with Wayne (who's posting as Casolaro) about election fraud in California recall and 2004 presidential. Amazing stuff here... I'll go through this treasure trove of idiocy for details, but will include my analysis of this in a separate post. I think I've found the motherlode of Left Wing Kook material and its name is Wayne Madsen! Keep in mind, I haven't even started to get into his published articles/books, etc. Just his real-time discussions with the nutjobs...

Here's some more info on Madsen, courtesy of that great, objective resource known as Demopedia (ie the Left's version of reality).

What's the implication of all this? I think this objectively demonstrates that The Left is off its rocker and unless they lose at the ballot box and realize that they need to change their tune, the GOP will be just fine for several years to come. Of course, posts like these at DailyKos and DU are just part of Another Rovian Conspiracy, which Madsen hopefully will never uncover.... or else it'll really be time to get him ;-)

Note, in an interview with Danish "journalists" he mentioned that he always has a pistol b/c he's afraid that the NSA is out to knock him off.

I have a feeling that this guy may have been a respected and decent bureaucrat at some time... but the Left's willingness to shell over cash for any asinine comments about W has made it all to easy for him to make a living and make believe that he's a super-spy whistle-blower.



Captain Ed, Flopping Aces, Decision '08, and Publius Pundit are covering this nutball as well...

Oh, and then there's this from Madsen. He was off his rocker well before some of these recent ramblings...

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I've seen reference to a new Demopedia out on Democratic Underground for a while, but never followed up on it...

It appears that they're using Wiki technology to create a democrat-based version of the Wikipedia. Main question.... is this going to be the Democratic/Left Wing perspective of reality??? Will this just be an encyclopedia where The Left can create it's own alternate universe?

BTW, the concept behind wikipedia is that millions of people fact-checking each other is better than a handful of nerds writing an encyclopedia. If you go out to, you can contribute and/or make changes to existing entries... but if your modification is bogus, it'll be fixed by the millions of eyes on the internet within minutes. No registration, no userids, etc.

Now, with Demopedia, you have to be a registered DUer, and we all know how freely they give those out..... This means that if you post something that even smells like it might approve of free markets, be anti-socialist, pro-American, or slightly conservative, you can bet that your registration will be removed. Perhaps old St Wendeler will have to take a foray into Demopedia and see if he can create some chaos over there.

What a bunch of tools...

Your Co-Conspirator,
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OHIO OHIO OH....wisconsin wisconsin wisconsin

H/T Matt at Blogs for Bush

Nov. 2 vote not properly verified
City, county did not follow state law
Posted: March 24, 2005

The results of the Nov. 2 election in Milwaukee, now the subject of an investigation into possible voter fraud, were certified without any double-checking of the totals by the city or county panels charged with oversight, the Journal Sentinel has determined.

Thus, polling-place discrepancies between the number of ballots cast and the count of voters at many wards went undiscovered until long after the election results were finalized.

The State Elections Board on Thursday opened a review into why the city did not comply with a state law that requires it to provide copies of key materials to the county by 2 p.m. the day after the election - and why the county OK'd the results without seeing the documents.
As of Thursday, the city had not submitted the documents, though it is unclear how hard the county pushed to get them.

In any case, the materials are now part of the voter-fraud probe being overseen by Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann and U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic.

The probe was launched in January after a series of Journal Sentinel revelations of election problems in the city.

The problems include a 7,000-vote gap in which more ballots were counted then people later listed as voting; ward-level gaps between logbooks and voting machine totals; 1,200 votes from invalid addresses; and at least 82 felons who illegally voted, based on a partial review of voter data.
Ummm, and Ollie Willis & Co just keep chanting OHIO OHIO OHIO...

And given the allegations in WI in 2000, you would think that the Dem precincts in WI would be a little smarter. Add to this problem the fact that some Dem party operatives (some even on the Kerry Campaign) were involved in slashing GOP get out the vote vehicles, and it's pretty clear that it's more likely that Bush won Wisconsin than that Kerry won Ohio.

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I've been outed....

Oh sure, bring it up to the main page. I was simply putting some comments in there. Nobody reads comments, so nobody would have seen it. But noo..... the Saint had to bring my dark forbidden desires to the surface. Did I ask one too many softball questions at a press conference or something?

They should know better than to mix blogging and romance (although I doubt that Brian really has any chance whatsoever). I had no idea that legal jargon could have that effect on someone... of course, Brian is a weird ducky.
Don't question my love! Its not like im advocating anything as extreme as marrying a lawyer for gosh sakes. Just grab yourself a copy of Black's Law Dictionary (comes in a conveniently handy pocket edition as well) and imagine someone as sexy as Penelope reading selected passages to you, and you'll see soon enough. mmmm stare decisis....

Update: Is there an audiobook version for my iPod? (Ed: you dont' have an iPod.) I'd get one in a heartbeat if Penelope did an audiobook...

Your Co-Conspirator,
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I apologize

I apologize for this exchange of comments between Brian & Penelope on this post...

They should know better than to mix blogging and romance (although I doubt that Brian really has any chance whatsoever). I had no idea that legal jargon could have that effect on someone... of course, Brian is a weird ducky.

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Back to Iraq

H/T to InstaPundit.

The UK's Financial Times has this interesting report:

Iraq's insurgents ‘seek exit strategy'
By Steve Negus in Baghdad
Published: March 25 2005 16:55 | Last updated: March 25 2005 16:55

Iraq flagMany of Iraq's predominantly Sunni Arab insurgents would lay down their arms and join the political process in exchange for guarantees of their safety and that of their co-religionists, according to a prominent Sunni politician.

Sharif Ali Bin al-Hussein, who heads Iraq's main monarchist movement and is in contact with guerrilla leaders, said many insurgents including former officials of the ruling Ba'ath party, army officers, and Islamists have been searching for a way to end their campaign against US troops and Iraqi government forces since the January 30 election.

“Firstly, they want to ensure their own security,” says Sharif Ali, who last week hosted a pan-Sunni conference attended by tribal sheikhs and other local leaders speaking on behalf of the insurgents.

Insurgent leaders fear coming out into the open to talk for fear of being targeted by US military or Iraqi security forces' raids, he said.

Sharif Ali distinguishes many Sunni insurgents, whom he says took up arms in reaction to the invasive raids in search of Ba'athist leaders and other “humiliations” soon after the 2003 war, from the radical jihadist branch associated with Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

Unlike Mr Zarqawi's followers, who are thought to be responsible for the big suicide bomb attacks on Iraqi civilian targets, the other Sunni insurgents are more likely to plant bombs and carry out ambushes against security forces and US troops active near their homes.

Sharif Ali said the success of Iraq's elections dealt the insurgents a demoralising blow, prompting them to consider the need to enter the political process.
Hmmmmm... You know... it's a good thing that Kerry and his dem comrades didn't get the reigns of our foreign policy. And it's a GREAT thing that Bush doesn't listen to the NYTimes when deciding his foreign policy (something that drives the Times' staff nutty!). Months ago, they were all calling for the elections to be delayed, until better security could be achieved throughout the country. As has happened so many times before, Bush has been proven right yet again. It appears that the vote itself has resulted in improved security and many of the "dead-enders" of the former regime realize that the future of Iraq (and their future in it) isn't necessarily a dead end.

This demoralizing blow to the Iraqi insurgents further isolates the foreign insurgents (aka Al Qaeda). I wonder if Michael Moore would call these foreign jihadists "minutemen" again? I have a feeling that I know the answer, but I hope I'm wrong...

Your Co-Conspirator,
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The Rule of Law - Schiavo

Captain Ed weighs in on calls made by those on the Christian Right for Jeb to send the troopers in to save Terri... Here's a snippet:

I have argued repeatedly for Congress, the Florida legislature, and the two Bush brothers to do all they can do to save Terri's life. As I have expressed here before, I find the forced death by dehydration of a disabled, non-terminal patient at the insistence of an estranged spouse with no support except for the hearsay of a couple of offhand comments heard by the husband and his relatives abhorrent. It smacks of euthanasia and sets a terrible precedent, apart from the inhumanity of forcing Terri's family to watch her die when they've repeatedly requested to be allowed to care for her. It's sadistic, if not to Terri, then to those who love her.

But we have to draw a line here, and that line is the law.

The governor and the President have done all that they can do within the law. They cannot execute any action not authorized by current law or by action of the legislative branch. Neither can they use the law-enforcement resources at their command to simply overrule a judge's decision. Governor Bush swore an oath to uphold and enforce the law, even those with which he disagrees, and he has done his best to create law to allow him to act in this circumstance. He was not successful.

In our haste to save an innocent life, we cannot demand that our executives turn into dictators for just a few moments. Dictatorships don't work that way, and neither do democracies. Imagine what would happen if Jeb Bush took Reverend Mahoney's advice. Terri's life might be saved -- for a week or two. Snatching Terri illegally from the hospice and holding her somewhere in violation of a court order would result in Bush's impeachment, and likely federal intervention in Florida. The state police probably would refuse the illegal order anyway. If Bush did take Terri, she would be right back to where she was last Friday as soon as the rule of law returned to Florida -- which would mean she would once again start the process of dehydration as soon as that happened.
Unfortunately, I agree... Imagine if a Democratic Governor were to send in the State Troopers on Michael Schiavo's request, at the urging of Oliver Willis, DailyKos, & Co, to pull the feeding tube and make sure she died... We would be screaming from the rooftops about the jackbooted thugs. This is similar to the Elian Gonzalez issue...

Let's be honest... The Schindler's attorneys really failed them in two respects:
  1. Their original counsel didn't object to Terri being classified as being in PVS, and they didn't adequately fight for custodial rights over Terri, given her husband's clear conflict (if Terri could speak and/or write, she'd divorce him in a heartbeat).
  2. The Schindler's current counsel inserted "injustice" into the federal review and asked the federal court to overturn the state court, when they should've simply requested the de novo trial, focusing on re-establishing the facts (Schiavo is a Husband In Name Only (HINO), her wishes are unkown and there is no clear and convincing evidence of her wishes (the threshold per the Florida statute)). They also inserted a religious liberty claim which was completely specious. I have concerns about some of the activist attorneys that they engaged for this effort, who may have more than just Terri's interests in mind... they're trying to fight a larger battle when a focused argument would've probably had more significant gains.

Despite the Herculean efforts by W, Jeb, and the Congress, the religious right won't place blame where it firmly belongs: the judiciary, the Schindler's attorneys (past and present), and those on the Left who are eager beavers to see Terri die, just to prove a point and stick it to W. No, they're mistakenly going to go after Jeb and W...

This is a tragic situation for Terri... and demonstrates the problems we have with a Judiciary that does what it wants, regardless of facts that we find to be of utmost importance. From the perspective of the reasonable person, this shouldn't be happening. However, it's become quite apparent that Greer, as the establisher of facts in this case, can't be considered a reasonable person. Given that no higher judge has had the cojones to re-establish the facts of the case (even when asked by Congress) just shows how doomed Terri was from the start.

But hey... I'm just the business guy here...

What the heck does our in-house legal expert think of all this? If Greer or the Federal Court judge were held in contempt of Congress, does that give Jeb license to restore the feeding tube in the interim?

The inestimable Wizbang has more proof that Terri's lawyers are idiots

Slublog agrees...

Your Co-Conspirator,
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Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Therapist on Schiavo

H/T from WuzzaDem who is kind enough to provide this picture of one of Ollies minions...

(Subheading: W, I wish I could kill you, but Terri will have to do!)

Nah, there's nothing political in their hastiness to kill terri...nothing at all.

The Therapist weighs in on the Schiavo issue...

Court Warns Schiavo Against Spiking Terri In End Zone
Anguished husband hid Sharpie in catheter

Pinellas Park, Fla.--The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, fresh on the heels of rejecting further appeals by the parents of Terri Schiavo, cautioned a giddy Michael Schiavo against "demonstrative behavior indigeonous to unsportsmanlike conduct." The majority opinion displays ample concern:

"This court, while energetically and enthusiastically sucking all hope from a loving biological family, also tempers that glee with grave concern for indecorous acts on the part of Mr. Schiavo, such as the Ickey Shuffle, word-to-your-mother gestures, and the classic spiking of the patient at the time of expiration. Arrogance in victory is anathema to these legal, academic exercises."

Schiavo admits he had hidden a Sharpie marker in an "unclean" place, in the event that he is mobbed by members of the ACLU although he expressed hope that he can "channel this experience into something other than gloating."

"I'd prefer to start the Terri Schiavo Foundation," he said. Schiavo declined to state what the goal's of such a foundation would be, but did indicate that inaugural ceremonies would require those attending to "bring their own lunch."

The Therapist has more... If only Terri had been a stalinist politically, the Left might - just might - have saved her. Heck, with all of the Che' paraphenalia going around, they're resurrecting him in spirit (and deed?) already...

The Therapist is blogrolled....

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Speaking of Death...

H/T Drudge Report

Hmmmm... if this doesn't sound like a reason for parental notification, I don't know what is.... If my daughter (just born on Friday) was taken by her boyfriend's mom to go get an abortion, I would be furious. If it's my daughter's choice, why the @#$ does the boy's mom have any more say in the matter than I do?

I wonder if CBS/ABC/et al will run a poll as to whether this is appropriate? The following question should be included:
Who should make the final decision regarding whether a 14 year old should have an abortion or not?

  • the girl's parents
  • the boyfriend
  • the boyfriend's mommy
  • Planned Parenthood/NARAL
Now, if I was the girl's parents, I would sue the boyfriend's mom and the school, and also ask the police to charge her with kidnapping. She misrepresented who she was and took my daughter out of school without proper authority.

Full article posted here, as it appears the newspaper's website is down, thanks to Drudge:
LEADER EXCLUSIVE: Mother arrested for attempting to intervene in her 14-year old's decision to have abortion

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

By Joyce Morrison, Southern IL News Correspondent

For legal reasons, the names of the family and the 14-year old girl that are the subject of this story have been withheld at this time.

GRANITE CITY - A Sothern Illinois woman was arrested last week (March 17) after trying to intervene on behalf of her 14-year old daughter's effort to have an abortion. The girl was allegedly taken to an abortion clinic by the mother of the man allegedly to have impregnated the 14-year old.

According to the girl's mother, her 14-year old daughter was called off from school in Madison County by a woman posing as the girl's “grandmother.” The woman took the girl from her home only minutes before the girl’s mother returned home from work.

It was later determined that the woman who had posed as the "grandmother" to the school authorities was the mother of the male who had fathered the unborn child the 14-year old girl was carrying. The age of the male has not been released.

When the parents were notified their pregnant daughter was not at school, they suspected she had been taken to the Hope Abortion Clinic in Granite City. The parents and grandfather were the only persons authorized to request school absence for the fourteen year old female.

“My husband and I rushed to the abortion clinic where we saw our daughter’s name on the roster and the time she had checked in,” the mother said. She then went into the clinic and searched a room filled with young women awaiting abortions but did not see her daughter.

She took a seat near the main desk and said, “I was told I could not prove my daughter was there so I began calling her name. A medical tech at the clinic told me , ‘It’s your daughter’s rights, it’s her body. You have no rights.’”

After continuing to call out her daughter’s name and telling her “don’t do it,” authorities were called and the mother was arrested.

The 14-year old told her mother she could hear her but when she asked employees to give her mother a message, they came back to the room and told her that her mother had left.

Angela Michaels, of Small Victories Ministry, was tipped off as to what was happending at the Hope clinic. According to Michaels, she witnessed police placing the mother’s hands behind her back, taking her into custody. As the police were putting the mother in the squad car, she was crying out, “Please, please, help daughter is in there.”

Michaels said, “Exactly one hour later at 10:35 a.m., the 14-year old emerged from the clinic looking disheveled. The 14-year old told us that employees kept her in a quiet room until the procedure was performed and she was told that her mother had left.”

Employees assured this girl on her departure, “No-one will ever know you were here, we’ll bury your records.”

In the meantime, the woman who had taken the girl for the abortion was slipped out the back door of the clinic.

The police in the community in which the family lives allegedly told the girl's mom that they couldn't intervene despite her making a charge that her daughter had been raped (by statute) because the charge was stale--7 weeks after the incident. They did tell the girl's mom that, while she had no right to stop the abortion, she did have a right to go into the clinic and speak to her daughter.

The parents are expected to file charges.

© 2005 -- all rights reserved
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(singing) Oh, Canada... We're so much better than Americaaaaa

Matt Labash has a great column on our friends to the north. Now, I love snowmobiling and see Canada as a great winter wonderland... and think fondly of our friends to the north, even though they're misguided in their politics and their smugness over their neighbors to the south. (I recall traveling throughout Germany, seeing backpacks with the Canadian flag sown on the back - they do this (even 15 years ag) so that the Europeans wouldn't think they were Americans... you know, b/c who the @$ck would want to be associated with that sorry country? Anyway, the Germans I met who found out I was American gave me hugs and complemented me on my German... and showed me pics of their American son-in-laws or mentioned their friends/family that lived/migrated to the US. I have a feeling that the Canucks with the flags didn't get the same warmth... it was probably more "Oh, you're not American. Hallo!")

Here are some snippets from the article, but be sure to read it all...

[...]Equal outrage was caused when Conan O'Brien showed up to help boost tourism after the SARS crisis. Along for the ride came a Conan staple, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, who in dog-on-the-street interviews relentlessly mocked French Canadians. When one pudgy Quebecer admitted he was a separatist, Triumph suggested he might want to "separate himself from doughnuts for a while."

Canadians seethed--though polls show they pride themselves on being much funnier than Americans (don't ask me why, when they're responsible for Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, and Alan Thicke). One MP from the socialist New Democratic party called the show "vile and vicious," and said it was tantamount to hatemongering. Historians believe this to be the first time a member of parliament has so categorically denounced a hand puppet.
To see Canadian progressivism in action, though, I trekked down to the East Side, Vancouver's Compton, where the storefront Supervised Injection Site caters to junkies on the government teat. With the surrounding streets hosting an open-air drug market, the Site was conceived as a way to rid the neighborhood of discarded drug paraphernalia and promote "safe" drug-taking practices. In typical Canadian fashion, it's a long way around the barn to get rid of litter.

If the Site has in fact encouraged addicts to do their drugs off the streets, they still buy them right outside. To reach the place, I have to pass through a herd of about 100 junkies over a four-block radius. They offer to sell me all manner of substances my company won't let me expense. When I make it inside the Site, along with several itchy, twitchy customers in search of free cookers and needles and a clean booth to shoot themselves silly, an attendant tells me that unless I'm there to take drugs, I can't stay without a media relations escort. "What we do here is important, so we try to keep a low profile," he says, perhaps oblivious to the hypodermic needle that's embossed on the door.

The staffers aren't rude, however, and retrieve for me a helpful government brochure called "The Safer Fix" that has made me something of an expert on the proper way to tie off. Though it's a bit mind-blowing to a law-and-order American, this is actually pretty small beer, compared with a new Canadian government-funded study called the North American Opiate Medication Initiative. While the Supervised Injection Site is strictly a bring-your-own-smack affair, the new experiment will study the effects of giving half of the drug-addicted research subjects heroin, while the other half get methadone. As a female attendant describes it to me, we agree that it must really suck for the methadoners. But for the other side? "Dude!" she says, stating the obvious, "free drugs for a year!"
Will Ferguson is a cockeyed nationalist and brilliant satirist, who calls his country "a nation of associate professors." In his book Why I Hate Canadians, he writes that his countrymen even boast about their Great Canadian Inferiority Complex. While it's difficult to go five minutes without hearing how collectively nice Canadians are, Ferguson says, "what we fail to realize is that self-conscious niceness is not niceness at all; it is a form of smugness. Is there anything more insufferable than someone saying, 'Gosh, I sure am a sweet person, don'tcha think?'"

This strain of nails-on-the-blackboard nationalism is most evident in the recent bestseller Fire and Ice, an Americans-are-from-Mars, Canadians-are-from-Venus study of the two countries' values by Canadian sociologist Michael Adams. Based on three head-to-head values surveys done over a decade, it shows Americans coming up short on matters from militarism to materialism. This is hardly news. But Adams pushes his luck, giving conventional wisdom a twirl by advancing that it is the Americans who are actually the slavish followers of an established order, while Canadians are rugged individualists and autonomous free thinkers.

Give Adams points for cheek. His is, after all, a country that didn't bother to draft its own constitution until 1982, that kept "God Save the Queen" as its national anthem until 1980, and that still enshrines its former master's monarch as its head of state. Her Canadian title is "Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories Queen (breath), Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith." Maybe they should change their national anthem again, to Britney Spears's "I'm A Slave 4 U."
Though they don't know who they are, they know they're not us (roughly 9 out of 10 comparison surveys are done by Canadians), so they bang that drum until their hands bleed. Still, it seems there is almost nothing Canadian that isn't informed in some way by America. When the late Canadian radio host Peter Gzowski had a competition to come up with a phrase comparable to "American as apple pie," the winner was "As Canadian as possible, under the circumstances." In 1996, when Canadians were asked to name both the greatest living and the all-time greatest Canadian, 76 percent said "no one comes to mind." Another survey showed them to believe that the most famous Canadian was Pamela Anderson, star of America's Baywatch. When Canadians were asked to name their favorite song, they settled on one by a good Canadian band, The Guess Who. The song: "American Woman."
Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Confused by the Twinkie-meister

Oliver "The Twinkie-meister" Willis keeps saying that this Terri Schiavo thing is all about politics and raising money for right-wing, fundie causes. But, he then points to a poll that says that majority of Americans want the feeding tube out. (Ollie doesn't ask the obvious question as to whether this is motivated by the concern for Terri, ignorance of the facts of the case, or whether people want the coverage to stop so they can get back to American Idol and Survivor....)

Which is it, sicko?

As demonstrated by this question in the CBS poll, the MSM is lying to the people that it's polling:

Terri isn't in a coma... There are several questions which state this as fact... and several questions which should've been rephrased. Example:
One of the options is Spouse, which gets 60% response. The options should've been:

  • Spouse
  • Parents
  • Adult Children
  • Spouse who has conflicting interests and has fathered two children by another woman.
Would wonder what that 4th option would get..

Oliver "KILL KILL KILL" Willis to Terry Schiavo:
DIE, B!*CH!!! DIE!!! The fundies want to save you and the friend of my enemy is my enemy... so DIE!!!! (Now, where did I put my twinkie???)

WuzzaDem has a pic that clearly shows that the Left isn't politically motivated at all in their desire to KILL KILL KILL Terri.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Terri Schiavo May go under protective custody

During Jeb Bush' press conference, it was hinted that the Florida Dept of Children & Families may take custody of Terri Schiavo... due to misdiagnosis of Terri as being in Persistent Vegitative State and allegations of abuse from a couple of weeks ago. This would remove Michael Schiavo as custodian...

And this removes the States' Rights argument that The Left has suddenly become so enamored with...

Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings and the director of the state social services agency said they were considering an intervention in the controversial and increasingly tangled case -- based on calls alleging that Schiavo is being abused in her hospice.

The abuse allegations are based primarily on the removal of her feeding tube last Friday.

''We're looking at the response to the abuse calls,'' Jennings said. ``You'll probably be hearing more.''

She and other state officials said the governor's office is considering using a state law that allows the state to take a vulnerable adult into immediate custody if there is a demonstrated need for protection.

Lucy Hadi, secretary of the Department of Children and Families, said the state investigation into potential abuse is ongoing and the state is required by law to file a petition to bring Schiavo into state care if an emergency exists.

The state does not have to wait for a court to act, she said.

''We are looking at every potential opportunity to be of assistance,'' Hadi said. ``There's nothing about this case that has been clear cut except our concern.''

Schiavo's brother, Bobby Schindler who spent the morning in Tallahassee visiting dozens of state senators, said he is encouraging the state to intervene.

''We think there's been abuse and neglect, and think DCF has every right to take my sister into protective custody,'' he said.

Michael Schiavo's lawyer, George Felos, said he's worried that the governor, Department of Children and Families, the Legislature or others might attempt an end run around the courts and the Legislature, including taking custody of Terri Schiavo.

''Of course there is concern,'' Felos said.

He and an attorney for Morton Plant Hospital, where the feeding tube could be replaced, asked Circuit Judge George Greer for ''guidance'' on what to do if that occurs.

Greer told them to contact him at that time for advice.
I'd just love to see Greer try and stop what is clearly within the statutory power of the Governor... want to talk about a showdown between the Judiciary and the Executive branch?

Of course, I have a feeling that this won't happen if the Florida Senate passes Terri's law...

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Questions about Unsigned "Strategery" Memo

Michelle Malkin discusses the unsigned strategy memo that the MSM and The Left is jumping all over, accusing the GOP of using the Schiavo issue for political gain...

Apparently, they didn't have the decency to pilfer some stationery or even put a fake signature on the memo...

Power Line wants to know who wrote and circulated an amateurish unsigned memo about the Schiavo case that was circulated to Senate Republicans last week.

Thanks to Power Line, we now know that the memo was written on paper without letterhead and contained no identifying information as to who sent it or who it was distributed to. We also know that the title of the memo misstates the number of the Schiavo bill and the first talking point misspells Schiavo's name.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Kathleen Parker on Schiavo

In Full....

To help live or let die
Kathleen Parker (archive)

March 23, 2005 | printer friendly version Print | email to a friend Send

When is a husband not a husband? That's the question that keeps scratching at the back door of the hospice where Terri Schiavo lay slowly dying of starvation through the weekend.

Whatever happens to her now, following an emergency bill early Monday that allowed Schiavo's parents to ask a federal judge to reinsert their daughter's feeding tube, the saga of Terri Schiavo has forced the nation to ask some tough questions.

We can argue endlessly about whether Schiavo's existence passes our own personal muster for "quality of life," and argue we should. What bitter decision is this, to let a woman die? What question more deserving of our sweat and tears?

But the fact that Schiavo's fate has rested in the hands of a man who is her husband in title only is both mystifying and maddening. If we resolve nothing else, some of our energy will be well spent examining the criteria used to determine who is best qualified to protect a disabled person's interests.

Michael Schiavo, who was Terri Schiavo's husband when she suffered a heart attack and severe brain damage 15 years ago, today lives with another woman with whom he has had two children. Except that he has never sought a divorce from Terri - and therefore by law has final say over her life - he is by no normal definition her "husband."

Put another way, we can safely bet that if Terri Schiavo were aware that her husband was parking his shoes under another woman's dust ruffle, she likely would declare her marriage kaput. That Michael Schiavo still has authority to end her life, or "let her die" as we prefer to call it, adds injury to the insult that has become her existence.

Giving the devil his due, Michael Schiavo began fighting this nightmarish battle long ago, insisting that his wife would prefer to die than live in the vegetative state that is her life. He claims she told him as much, though in the absence of witnesses or any written document, who knows? One needn't be a cynic to observe that husbands and wives do not always act in the best interests of their spouses.

The question - why won't Schiavo divorce his wife and let her parents care for her as they have requested? - has no satisfactory answer. Schiavo claims he persists in seeking Terri's demise out of respect for her wishes and to end her suffering. He insists that he stands to gain nothing from her death, noting that there is no life insurance policy.

Instead, he has alleged that Terri's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, are motivated by interest in money from a medical malpractice suit that awarded the Schiavos $1.2 million more than 10 years ago, most of which, Schiavo claims, has been spent on rehabilitation for his wife.

The enmity between Michael Schiavo and the Schindlers is no secret. There are enough disagreements between the two families to keep therapists in Volvos for decades. Terri Schiavo might remove the feeding tube herself were she aware of the many peripheral dramas attendant to her fate.

Even granting Michael Schiavo the benefit of the doubt, however, his insistence that Terri be starved to death when her parents want to care for her borders on the bizarre. Speaking as a parent, imagining some future spouse trying to arrange my child's death puts me in mind of a mama grizzly, whose company would be far preferable to mine should the little outlaw prevail. (Note to self: Clip column for rehearsal dinner toast).

Terri Schiavo's life surely is not what any of us would choose, but it is life - of a sort. She breathes on her own, opens her eyes, responds to stimulation, seems to smile at her mother, makes noises in response to others' voices. Is this a life worth living? I don't know, but it is living, whereas withholding sustenance surely guarantees the opposite.

The fact that the nation has become unhinged over these proceedings is a source of some solace. We should find "letting die" troublesome.

There may be no miracles this week for Terri Schiavo, not least of which would be her husband's overdue granting of a divorce. But the rest of us could do worse when in doubt to err on the side of life. It is short enough - and miserable at times like these - without our help.
Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Cox & Forkum on Schiavo

BEFORE I get into C&F, if you haven't already, contact one of these 10 FL state legislators..... it's probably the only chance left. Also, sign this petition to Jeb Bush...

Cox & Forkum weighs in on the Terri Schiavo subject, viewing it purely from a separation of power perspective.

From Ryan Sager at Tech Central Station: What Steroids and Schiavo Have in Common. (Via InstaPundit)

In coming years, political historians might look back and try to pinpoint the day or week or month that the Republican Party shed the last vestiges of its small-government philosophy. If and when they do, the week just past should make the short list. For it was in this last week that the Republican-controlled Congress made it clear that it sees no area of American life -- none too trivial and none too intimate -- that the federal government should not permeate with its power. ...

[Beside the trival steroid issue], we have the sad case of Terri Schiavo, the Florida woman in a “permanent vegetative state” whose feeding tube had been removed at her husband’s urging -- and based on a court’s findings regarding her wishes on the matter only to have Congress and President Bush intervene ostensibly on her behalf.

Putting aside the tangled facts of the case for the moment -- which include some bitter family history and selective science on both sides -- the driving question here should be: Does Congress have a role?

And when it comes to a family dispute over a painful medical decision, one which at least 19 judges in six courts have already adjudicated, the answer must be a resounding “no.” [Emphasis added]
Now, nevermind that the EPA regulates how much @#4ing water is in my toilet, minimal MPG standards for my SUV.... this is the @#$ing time where the people who haven't objected to this b.s. in the past decide to jump in. Nevermind their silence on death row inmates getting a hearing at the Federal level... b/c Terri doesn't have a "quality Life," they can't wait for her to be killed. It's a good thing that a "Quality of Life" decision wasn't ever made for Stephen Hawking, those with cerebral palsy, those with Down's Syndrome, etc.

As demonstrated here, this Schiavo issue isn't about removing a feeding tube, but about killing her. As I've said previously, if there's a conflict between various family members regarding the wishes of the person who is disabled - and the family member who is pushing for death has a clear conflict of interest - we should err on the side of Life.

Or, to make it simpler (as Laura Ingraham said), if you don't write it down, you can't be killed by your husband.

I'm a big fan of Cox & Forkum.... a huge fan. But I think they've taken their Objectivist/Ayn Rand philosophy to its basest level...

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Momentum in Soshsecurity

Ok, the attached is from the RNC, so I'm sure that any disparaging polling numbers have been left out or spun... However, I do think the trend which the polls suggest is actually happening. I mean, come on...if the NYTimes and the Dems say something isn't going to happen, 9 times out of 10, you can take it to the bank that it will happen (See Rumsfeld continuing as SecDef, Vote in Iraq, Success in Afghanistan's "brutal winter," etc, etc, etc)

Basic point of this "strategy memo" is that people are recognizing that the President is right about the looming crisis in Soshsecurity. And they trust him more to handle the issue (probably because he's been talking about it since 2000...)


FROM: Chairman Ken Mehlman
RE: Latest Trends in the Social Security Debate
DATE: March 22, 2005

As the President and Congress have debated Social Security reform over the past couple of months, certain trends have emerged. Americans have learned more about the problems facing the current system, and thus, are more likely to recognize the need for changes in the future, including Personal Retirement Accounts. The following points are clear:

First, more people have come to understand the structural problems facing Social Security’s solvency over the last two months, and thus, the issue has become more important to them. The latest Gallup poll shows that Americans think Social Security is now the most important domestic issue. At 12%, Social Security has increased by 8% since January and is a greater concern than the economy (10%), health care (9%), or terrorism (9%).

The increased importance of Social Security is confirmed by several other polls. This week’s Battleground 2006 poll found Social Security (17%) as the “number one problem for the President and Congress to deal with.” Also a recent Harris poll found 37% of Americans think Social Security is the most important issue for the government to address, an increase of 33% from last October when just 4% thought it was the most important issue.

Second, more Americans agree that Social Security needs strengthening. According to the recent ABC News/Washington Post poll, 72% of Americans think the Social Security system is headed down the road to a crisis or will require major changes in order to head of a crisis. Even seniors believe that changes are necessary to Social Security: a recent Ayres McHenry poll found 66% of Americans over age 55 believe that Social Security needs changes. A recent Gallup poll even found a majority of Americans (51%) believe that it is necessary for Congress to pass legislation to make changes to Social Security this year.

In the past few years, according to polls conducted by the Tarrance Group, more and more Americans think the Social Security system needs major changes:
Read the entire memo for the details... As I've said previously, my three year old gets that Soshsecurity won't be around in its current form when his daddy retires.. and certainly not when he retires. For his sake, I hope they implement Private Retirement Accounts before he hits the workforce.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler


Absolutely sick... woman arrested as she tried to give Terri water through her mouth. So, now this isn't about removing her feeding tube, but removing food & water regardless of how it's given. If Terri was able to eat/drink on her own power, would the Left still be trying to kill her? Is Michael Schiavo GOD?!?!?! No matter what his wishes are, we must obey?

St. Francis Catholic worker Lana Jacobs (C) is arrested by Pinellas Park, Florida, police officers for trespassing. Jacobs attempted to take a bottle of water into the Woodside Hospice for the brain-damaged Terri Schiavo in Pinellas Park, Florida on March 22, 2005. Schiavo resides at the Hospice and had her feeding tube removed last Friday, March 18, 2005 by a court order. REUTERS/Rick Fowler

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Hypocrisy of The Left on Schiavo

Rich Lowry of NRO does a great job of identifying the issues in question in the Schiavo case, previous stances of the Dems on those matters, and their new perspective on Schiavo. Sure, the Republicans may have switched their tune on some matters as well.... but at least the end result of that change is that a person will continue to live. The Dems are changing their tune so that someone can be killed.

Partisan Hypocrisy
Terri Schiavo, conviction, and politics.
By Rich Lowry
Let's stipulate for the sake of argument that the facts of the Schiavo case are in dispute (and they really are) — whether she is in a persistent vegetative state, whether she can improve, whether she had previously expressed a desire to die in these circumstances. Then, let's tally the inconsistencies.

Federal habeas review. Death-row inmates, as a matter of course, appeal their cases in the federal courts, even after they have been in the state courts (like the Schiavo case) for years. Liberals have traditionally defended this federal habeas review, even when it drags on endlessly. In the 1990s, Republicans passed legislation signed by President Clinton limiting death-row inmates to one federal appeal. Democratic Rep. John Conyers attacked the bill as "inconsistent with our democratic system of laws." Conyers was one of 53 House Democrats — half of all Democrats voting — to oppose giving Schiavo essentially the same right to have her case reviewed by a federal judge that he supports for convicted killers.

Civil rights. Under the Schiavo bill, a federal judge will review whether any of her federal civil rights have been violated. Since when do Democrats oppose federal scrutiny of potential civil-rights violations? They have consistently used the 14th Amendment to make what had previously been local matters — from voting rights to housing — the jurisdiction of the federal government on civil-rights grounds. They supported federal intervention in 2000 to investigate traffic stops on the New Jersey turnpike that allegedly violated motorists' rights. Traffic stops! But federal judicial review of whether Schiavo should live or die is out of bounds?

The disabled. Liberals have, to their great credit, been defenders of the disabled. They passed the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, a sweeping federal law to prevent the disabled from, for instance, being denied access to movie theaters — a minor question, surely, compared with being denied sustenance. A principled Democrat in this regard is Sen. Tom Harkin (Iowa), an advocate for the disabled who supports taking "every precaution" in the Schiavo case.

Violence against women. In the early 1990s, Democrats championed legislation to create federal penalties for gender-related violence. In other words, every time some abusive husband slaps his wife, it is a federal matter. But when a husband — with motivations questioned by his wife's family — wants to starve his wife, suddenly some Democrats become George Wallace-like opponents of federal power.

The death penalty. Whenever life-related issues arise, liberals ask: How can conservatives favor preserving life when they support executing people? There's an answer for that (for another day), but the more acute question is for the other side: How can you oppose death sentences for killers, but support one, in effect, for Schiavo, whose only crime is not being capable of feeding herself?

Of course, it's possible to oppose the Schiavo bill on principled procedural grounds, maintaining that it is not the business of Congress or the federal courts. But one suspects that as soon as they are considering anything other than the fate of poor Terri Schiavo, liberals will lose their newfound suspicion of federal action.
Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Why he gets paid...

H/T Wizbang

This column by Thomas Sowell shows why he gets paid to pontificate while we will likely never make a dime... in 500 words or less, he sums up the entire, agonizing saga that has become the Terri Schiavo case. Here is a snippet, but read the whole thing:

[...] Every member of Terri Schiavo's family wants her kept alive -- except the one person who has a vested interest in her death, her husband. Her death will allow him to marry the woman he has been living with, and having children by, for years.

Legally, he is Terri's guardian and that legal technicality is all that gives him the right to starve her to death. Courts cannot remove guardians without serious reasons. But neither should they refuse to remove guardians with a clear conflict of interest.

There are no good solutions to this wrenching situation. It is the tragedy of the human condition in its most stark form.
It is an old truism that hard cases make bad law. No one wants all such cases to end up in either Congress or the federal courts. But neither do decent people want an innocent woman killed because she was inconvenient and a court refused to recognize the conflict of interests in her legal guardian.

The fervor of those who want to save Terri Schiavo's life is understandable and should be respected, even by those who disagree. What is harder to understand is the fervor and even venom of those liberals who have gone ballistic -- ostensibly over state's rights, over the Constitutional separation of powers, and even over the sanctity of family decisions.

These are not things that liberals have any track record of caring about. Is what really bothers them the idea of the sanctity of life and what that implies for their abortion issue? Or do they hate any challenge to the supremacy of judges -- on which the whole liberal agenda depends -- a supremacy that the Constitution never gave the judiciary?

If nothing else comes out of all this, there needs to be a national discussion of some humane way to end life in those cases when it has to be ended -- and this may not be one of those cases.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Even the Kossacks are Divided

Hat Tip to Wizbang

Kos... who runs DailyKos, posted this image on his site:

Some of the Kossacks just LOVE it... although there appears to be some confusion as to whether it's a Boy Scouts of America uniform or a Nazi uniform W's wearing... (Of course, this splinters off into the BSA is a Nazi organization rant)

But then, this reasonable (?) poster tells Kos that he's gone to far:

This is way too shrill (2.61 / 13)

and makes the site look like a bunch of nutty extremists. Nice job kos, Im sure the credibility here just fell a few dozen points.
followed by this back & forth
Big-time loser? Sure. (4.00 / 2)

But that's only because most Americans really, really don't want to let themselves see what is happening to their country. Their first response to any such comparison is to attack the person who makes it.

From an outsider's point of view, it's pretty obvious that a nasty side of human nature as evidenced in Germany in the 1930s is becoming dangerously influential in American culture right now. You can still look around and see lots of things that haven't been corrupted yet, and so you can reassure yourselves that it's not the same, it "couldn't happen here." Of course... in the 1930s, Germans could do the very same thing. The whole point of Hitler comparisons is to wake people up to the fact that Republicans are using a minor variation on the exact same playbook.

But... sigh. As you say, Americans are not only not willing to hear this, they are actively hostile to anyone who mentions the subject. I fear they will continue to not listen until it has become too late.

Massacre is not a family value.
by Canadian Reader on Mon Mar 21st, 2005 at 12:50:25 PST
You mean...
a nasty side of human nature as evidenced in Germany in the 1930s is becoming dangerously influential in American culture right now.

You mean the part where they killed the disabled, the Jews, the homosexuals, "for their own good"? I agree. The Terri Schiavo case is a perfect example.

We lefties can respect life too, you know. Indeed we can do it better than the right because we actually give a damn about them while they're fully alive.

by ndh on Mon Mar 21st, 2005 at 14:33:01 PST
Seems like there are some reasonable people out at Kos... wonder how long it'll take for Kos to yank their userids. (Oh, and keep in mind that this was a minority view....)

So, Kos demonstrates Godwin's Law with the FIRST F-ing post in the thread... amazing. I wonder when the Gannon/Rove connection (per ARC's 1st & 2nd Law) will be brought to bear?

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Take Action on Schiavo Case II

It may be Terri's only hope... so, if you read this and you care about the outcome, it's worth making the call.

March 22, 2005
Florida Legislature - ACTION ITEM Part 2

We need EVERYONE READING THIS to call the following Florida state Senators ASAP, and ask them to do one simple thing:


Larcenia J. Bullard
Walter Campbell, Jr.
J.D. Alexander
Nancy Argenziano
Paula Dockery
Lisa Carlton
Evelyn J. Lynn
Burt L. Saunders
Michael Bennett
Dennis Jones


We've gotten a positive response from Nancy Argenziano... she's interested in learning more about Terri's ability to eat/drink some liquids... need to convince the other lawmakers that some of the findings of fact by Greer were just incorrect.

Reactions to Whittemore's ruling at
Michelle Malkin, GOP Bloggers, Captain Ed, Secure Liberty, CollegePundit , and the inestimable Wizbang

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Native American Nazi

H/T DrudgeReport

It appears that the shooter in the Red Lake, MN shooting may have been a Native American neo-Nazi. what the @#$ is going on in this country, eh?

A neo-nazi 'angel of death'

Sarah Left uncovers a series of website posts apparently linking Jeff Weise to extreme rightwing politics

Tuesday March 22, 2005

Jeff Weise, the 17-year-old named in newspaper reports as the gunman in the Red Lake school shooting, may have been investigated last year in connection with a shooting threat to the school, according to posts made on a Nazi website.

Over a five-month period between March and August 2004, someone identifying himself as Weise posted numerous messages on a talkboard hosted by, the website of the Libertarian National Socialist Green party. The party promotes a Nazi philosophy of racial purity.

Article continues
In March 2004, a chatroom participant tagged Todesengel ("angel of death") began a thread titled "Native American Nationalist?" and introduced himself as "Jeff Weise, a Native American from the Red Lake 'Indian' reservation in Minnesota". Todesengel expressed interest in joining the party and said he had done a great deal of research on Hitler, a man he much admired. Later in the thread, Todesengel changed his tag to NativeNazi.

"When I was growing up, I was taught (like others) that Nazi's were (are) evil and that Hitler was a very evil man, ect," wrote Todesengel, in a quote not corrected for spelling and grammar. "Of course, not for a second did I believe this. Upon reading up on his actions, the ideals and issues the German Third Reich adressed, I began to see how much of a lie had been painted about them. They truly were doing it for the better."

On April 19 2004, he posted to the talkboard: "By the way, I'm being blamed for a threat on the school I attend because someone said they were going to shoot up the school on 4/20, Hitlers birthday, and just because I claim being a National Socialist, guess whom they've pinned?"

By May 26 the incident seemed to have blown over, with Todesengel posting: "But the school threat passed and I was cleared as a suspect, I'm glad for that. I don't much care for jail, I've never been there and I don't plan on it."

The gun rampage through the remote northern Minnesota reservation yesterday left 10 people dead. Reports suggested that Weise took a shotgun and at least one handgun belonging to his grandfather, a veteran local police officer. He shot his grandparents, who later died, before moving on to Red Lake high school and killing five students, a teacher, a security guard and ultimately himself.

Today the Libertarian National Socialist Green party said incidents such as yesterday's shooting were to be expected when "thinking people are crammed into an unthinking, irrational modern society".

"We knew [Weise] briefly through 34 posts he made on the forum. He expressed himself well and was clearly highly intelligent and contemplative, especially for one so young," the site's administrator said in statement posted today on

"Weise participated in the forum in part because, unlike 'white nationalist' or 'white power' movements, the LNSG embraces all races as part of its vision of world nationalism. His statements on the site reflected a frustration with the populist politics and materialistic arrogance of modern society," the statement continued.
I wonder what Ward Churchill thinks about this... would he think that Weise's victims were all little Eichmanns / Technocrats in Training? I think he'd agree with Weise's sentiments about the purity of the Native American race.... and its subjugation by the White man... (even though Ward's a white guy that's subjugating the Native Americans for his own political (and personal) benefit.)

***Update - 5.30 CST***
H/T Wes Roth via Michelle Malkin... Weise's postings are available from google's cache here

Myopic Zeal and No Easy Answers are covering, too...

***Update - 8.02 CST***
Captain Ed is discussing the problem of throwing around the Hitler/Nazi tag in today's political discourse.... I agree with him.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: wt Wendeler

Take Action on Schiavo Case

Blogs For Terri and Hugh Hewitt note that there still might be an opportunity to have the Florida legislature resolve the Schiavo matter. (While the Lefty blogs are pushing their distortions to the MSM, we should be working to influence those in government.)

Florida Legislature is Still Able to Help (Update ACTION REQUESTED)

Hugh Hewitt writes that the Florida legislature still has an opportunity to come to the aid of Terri Schiavo:
A relief bill was blocked by the state Senate, and at least six Republicans voted against it. Here's a link with the information on the senators who have voted against the measure that would protect Terri. Please contact them, but do so in a responsible way. Heated rhetoric just pushes some people further into their own opinion.
UPDATE: ACTION ITEM - This is Terri's backup plan. We need thousands of readers and bloggers contacting the six Republicans, respectfully and avoiding heated rhetoric - But firmly pleading Terri's case. We need to DO IT NOW!
Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

Monday, March 21, 2005

Mark Steyn on John Bolton

I apologize for the erratic posting... hope you understand.

Anyway, read this Mark Steyn piece the other day about Bush's appointment of John Bolton as ambassador to the UN. Mark makes some great points:

If you’re going to play the oldest established permanent floating transnational crap game for laughs, you might as well pick an act with plenty of material. What I love about John Bolton, America’s new ambassador to the UN, is the sheer volume of ‘damaging’ material. Usually, the Democrats and media have to riffle through decades of dreary platitudes to come up with one potentially exploitable infelicitous soundbite. But with Bolton the damaging quotes are hanging off the trees and dropping straight into your bucket. Five minutes’ casual mooching through the back catalogue and your cup runneth over[...]

The New York Times wondered what Mr Bush’s next appointment would be:

‘Donald Rumsfeld to negotiate a new set of Geneva conventions? Martha Stewart to run the Securities and Exchange Commission?’

Okay, I get the hang of this game. Sending John Bolton to be UN ambassador is like ...putting Sudan and Zimbabwe on the Human Rights Commission. Or letting Saddam’s Iraq chair the UN conference on disarmament. Or sending a bunch of child-sex fiends to man UN operations in the Congo. And the Central African Republic. And Sierra Leone, and Burundi, Liberia, Haiti, Kosovo, and pretty much everywhere else. All of which happened without the UN fetishists running around shrieking hysterically. Why should America be the only country not to enjoy an uproarious joke at the UN’s expense?
I’ve never been to Davos, but I’ve sat next to the hot-looking Eurototty in the Alpine bar and tried to wangle me a little apr├Ęs-ski action and there comes a point in the evening when she says, ‘Zat George Boosh. What an idiot, hein!’ And you start to bristle, but then you realise that America and Old Europe are riven by as deep a divide as the magnificent plunging cleavage beckoning from her low-cut Fahrenheit 9/11 T-shirt and maybe now would be a good time for some transatlantic outreach in a very real sense, so you say, ‘Yeah, Bush. What a chump. Not like that Ruud Lubbers, eh?’ And you stare down her cleavage and catch your creepy sweaty face reflected in her shoes and feel momentarily ashamed, but not for long. My guess is that that’s what Bill Clinton and Eason Jordan were up to when they respectively hailed the progressivism of Iranian politics and defamed the entire US military. You’re with a bunch of foreigners and you want them to like you and it’s easy to get carried away.

That’s what was so stunning about Bolton. In a roomful of Euro-grandees, he was perfectly relaxed, a genial fellow with a rather Mitteleuropean moustache, but he thwacked every ball they served back down their gullets with amazing precision. He was the absolute antithesis of Schmoozer Bill and Pandering Eason: he seemed to relish their hostility. At one event, a startled British cabinet minister said to me afterwards, ‘He doesn’t mean all that, does he?’

But he does. And that’s why the Bolton flap is very revealing about conventional wisdom on transnationalism. Diplomats are supposed to be ‘diplomatic’. Why is that? Well, as the late Canadian prime minister Lester B. Pearson used to say, diplomacy is the art of letting the other fellow have your way. In other words, you were polite, discreet, circumspect, etc., as a means to an end. Not any more. None of John Bolton’s detractors is worried that his bluntness will jeopardise the administration’s policy goals. Quite the contrary. They’re concerned that the administration has policy goals — that it isn’t yet willing to subordinate its national interest to the polite transnational pieties. In that sense, our understanding of ‘diplomacy’ has become corrupted: it’s no longer the language through which nation states treat with one another so much as the code-speak consensus of a global elite.
Read the whole thing... and if you don't have a login, go to

Ted Rall (what a brainiac that guy is... and the wit! the wit!) has a cartoon that follows the NYTimes line mentioned by Steyn (it's like sending Rummy to negotiate new Geneva Conventions. However, as you'll see... Teddie boy misses the mark:

You see... David Duke as head of Civil rights... get it? hahaha. (Ahem - unfortunately, Duke's position on Israel and "the Jews" is probably closer to Rall than to Bush)

2nd Panel - Hefner for some position to reach out to women? Hahahaha... oh, wait... I don't think Hef is a Republican.

3rd panel - Saddam as envoy to Kurds.... hahahahaha.... oh, wait... Bush toppled saddam and Rall wants him back in power, able to gas more Kurds.

4th panel - Satan as Holy See to Pope.... umm, Ted... You need to take your meds. Where's the Bush as Hitler reference?!?!

And nevermind that the very United Nations to which John Bolton has been appointed ambassador has made more asinine assignments as Mark outlines. Saddam as WMD inspector, Libya as Human Rights chair, spreading pedophilia and sex slavery to impoverished countries.

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Kausfiles on Schiavo

Democrat & Kerry supporter Mickey Kaus weighs in on the Schiavo matter:

This 2003 item summarizes what I think about the Schiavo case. ... Opposition to the Florida court's ruling seems like a legitimate protest against what appears to be a disingenuous machinery of euthanasia lawyers are busy establishing under the guise of a "right to die" (a right Terry Schiavo can only be said to be exercising by an extremely suspect chain of reasoning). ... Our society is going to have to have this out at some point--why not now? And why isn't it a perfectly reasonable issue for the national legislature to address? ... P.S.: Emailer R.H. writes:
After the election, several Dems talked about extending some kind of olive branch to the religious right ...[snip] ... Isn't this a great opportunity for the Dems to make a symbolic gesture to pro-lifers that wouldn't hurt anybody except Terri Schiavo's creepy husband? But instead, Dems are once again telling the right -- in a swing state, no less -- to shut up and obey the courts ....
Ummmm... ditto...

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Safer for the Saint to fly on an Airbus?

Update to a previous item by the good Saint.

Well it looks like Airbus changed the advisory AD (Airworthiness Directive) to a mandatory one on the composite rudder on Airbus 300 and Airbus 310 aircraft. This is the type of aircraft that was in the American Airlines crash in 2001 in New York.

Info is here (scroll down).


Glad I steer clear of those nuclear power plants. A little further down you will see the following:

In case you needed another reason to avoid flying near nuclear power plants, the
Nuclear Regulatory Commission has signed a memorandum of understanding with the North American Aerospace Defense Command laying out the protocols for NORAD to shoot down potentially threatening aircraft. NORAD has actually had the
authority since shortly after 9/11 but now the paperwork is done...

As long as the paperwork is done.

Note the above is strictly tounge in cheek. I have no problems with the NRC or NORAD shooting down any aircraft it deems a threat. That being said, most GA aircraft are so lightweight that in a battle between my airplane and the plant, I know 6 feet of reinforced concrete is likely to win. But its nice to see that the government finally worked out the paperwork.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Well, despite the legislative process that just took place, Oliver Wills & Co (e.g. Lindsay at Majikthise - read her bio, great stuff) are now calling for a Blog Swarm to kill Terri Schiavo. As I've said previously, I was surprised that this was a Left/Right issue, but I'm now more surprised the lengths to which the Left will go to kill someone.

It’s time for a blogswarm. No one in Congress is answering their phones.

We must contact the media to put pressure on Congress to butt out of the Schiavo case. There is a real threat to the separation of powers going on, not to mention Congress making medical decisions and person decisions and the disgusting aspects of playing politics with real peoples’ lives.

The Plan: Here is a media list of the majors and the news organizations that are working this weekend:
It's amazing what the Left will organize around... rooting out the sordid past of a reporter.. that's his c#ck on the internet!!! HYPOCRISY!! This invalid MUST DIE!!!

If only they put their efforts towards something worthwhile, like improving their communities, volunteering, etc. Heck, even Ollie's posts are bought & paid for... Even things that he does poorly, he only does them b/c he gets paid to do them (poorly).



Good info here at Speed of Thought
and I've been discussing on Wizbang all night.

***UPDATE 2***
I thought Blogswarms were natural, organic things that were driven by the blogosphere turning up new facts. Not some coordinated "write your rep/newspaper editor" campaign. Add this to the Left's thinking that they need to hold conference calls with MSM to give their whacky stories some legs, and it becomes quite apparent that the Left-side of the blogosphere..... Just .... Doesn't.... Get.... the blogosphere.

***Update 3***
The Politicker has some interesting thoughts, from a libertarian perspective (which are line with my thoughts on the matter)

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Terri Shiavo - Saved (?)

Well, as I type... the House is voting on reinstating Terri Schiavo's feeding tube. The issue already has been passed through the Senate, unanimously... once the bill is signed, it will be at the White House within an hour. Once signed, a federal court would take up the issue on Monday. I'm not sure whether that case has to be taken up there before the tube can be reinstated or whether it's done upon signature by the President; I have a feeling it's the former.

Interesting info, filed with Sensenbrenner by Terri's parents.

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Terri Schiavo Audio

Drudge Report has audio of Terri Schiavo reacting to removal of feeding tube... seems to be overloaded right now, though.

Allegedly, she's heard to say "NO" when they tell her that the tube is going to be removed.

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Red Staters vs Blue Staters

While in the hospital with my wife & new conspirator, saw this conference on CSPAN which discussed differences between blue staters & red staters. Granted it was held in NYC, but there were plenty of red staters who had either traveled to NYC or were recent transplants. During the discussion, the audience broke up into groups (each person was identified red or blue based on name tag) and they discussed a variety of issues. The moderator walked around with a mike and listened in to each conversation for a few minutes before reconvening everyone to discuss the conversation they had just had.

Anyway, it was interesting how the Blue Staters were the ones that came to the conversation with the preconceived notions and biases. And their prejudices were totally separated from reality. The red staters that they talked to were pretty good representatives of those states... Some of the blue staters floated the Bush as nazi meme, stolen election, I'm afraid of W, etc, etc, although I can't imagine that it was the majority opinion amoung the blue-ers. Course, I could be wrong.

the video isn't on CSPAN yet, but here's the link to the description. If they post video, I'll provide an updated link...

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The Party of Death, Part II

Acting according to the wishes of Oliver Willis, Geoffrey Feiger, et al, the Democrats have now made their stand, firmly embracing Michael Schiavo's position that he should be allowed to kill his wife so he can "move on and get down with his current girlfriend" (I'm paraphrasing.)

Terri Schiavo - This man wants you dead:

As I mentioned in the original "The Party of Death" post, I had no idea that this issue involving Terri Shiavo was a Left/Right issue, but it clearly is. Today, the Dems and Republicans had agreed that a voice vote would suffice to pass the legislation allowing for a delay in the killing of Terri Schiavo so that this specific incident and situation could be investigated. As reported by the AP, that slimeball Robert Wexler, Dem Rep from Florida, went against the plan to allow a voice vote and called for quorom... meaning that those representatives that weren't in DC on Sunday had to be present or the vote would have to be delayed. 2 things:

  1. Wexler is a scumbag... if it's going to pass, what's the point in delaying the vote? To increase the suffering on Terri? Let's see if she croaks if she misses a couple more feedings? Is that what he's hoping for?
  2. I'm extremely disappointed that those that support this bill didn't have the foresight and the courage to actually stay in Washington and participate in the special session. What a bunch of cowards
Well, Oliver Willis is all atwitter, with stars in his eyes for Wexler.

Here's the video of the Dem House Reps...
Copy/paste URL into realplayer (file, open, then paste in the address)

And now the Left is trying to tie Terri Schiavo to increased Medicaid spending... I assume we should probably leave her feeding tube out until Bush proposals a three-fold increase in Medicaid funding. they're shameless... And their determination of which life is useful to society and which is not is reminiscent of the beliefs of a monster just 70 years ago...

** Update **
Wizbang has similar questions... and so does PowerPundit.

Your Co-Conspirator,
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Wizbang Blog has a great post on the Terri Schiavo case. Does Michael Schiavo's recollection of Terri saying during a Melrose Place episode that she wouldn't want to live on life support classify as "Clear and Convincing Evidence?" (BTW, what MP episode was this?) Apparently, the lone judge that made that decision thought so... and it's haunted this case ever since. As I've said previously (and as the President echoed in his recent statement), when there is a doubt as to the wishes of the disabled, err on the side of Life.

As Peggy Noonan discussed on Friday, (like it or not )there are political ramifications involved in this matter. (Frankly, saving Terry's life is the penultimate concern for me and most of the people that share my position. However, once this matter is resolved and Terry is either being given appropriate treatment or whether she finally is killed, those on both sides of the issue will look at what happened, who should've acted and didn't, what the final decision means to the rest of us, etc.) Anyway, Peggy makes some interesting points.

The supporters of Terri Schiavo's right to continue living have fought for her heroically, through the courts and through the legislatures. They're still fighting. They really mean it. And they have memories.

On the other side of this debate, one would assume there is an equally well organized and passionate group of organizations deeply committed to removing Terri Schiavo's feeding tube. But that's not true. There's just about no one on the other side. Or rather there is one person, a disaffected husband who insists Terri once told him she didn't want to be kept alive by extraordinary measures.

He has fought the battle to kill her with a determination that at this point seems not single-minded or passionate but strange. His former wife's parents and family are eager to care for her and do care for her, every day. He doesn't have to do a thing. His wife is not kept alive by extraordinary measures--she breathes on her own, is not on a respirator. All she needs to continue existing--and to continue being alive so that life can produce whatever miracle it may produce--is a feeding tube.
Here I think Peggy is missing the fact that many on the Left (such as Oliver Willis, Jeffrey Feiger of Kevorkian fame) are actually on the side of Michael Schiavo and hoping that the tube is pulled - either concerned that those defending her life are Christians (and therefore any position they take must be wrong) or concerned about implications about assisted suicided and/or abortion. As I've stated here, the Left is a big tent Party of Death (with one exception):
  1. Want to kill a baby up to the 9th month of pregnancy? Dems - it's your right! make a statement to the phallocentric patriarcy and stand up to the man!
  2. Want to give people who are hopeless the ability to terminate their life? Yes! Let's not restrict that, or those fundies might have some tractio on 1 above. (Oh, and let's not give those who have serious illnesses therapy and counseling, explaining to them that they still have a valid and useful role in society... nope, let's just call Dr Kevorkian!
  3. Death Penalty for the most heinous murders? YOU FASCIST!!! We must protect even those whose actions disgust us! Heck, we should let them free and give them counseling and see how they were oppressed by our society
So, yes - Michael's zeal for killing his wife is of big concern to me, but there are those supporting him on the "other side of the aisle" who have a similar zeal, although it's more idealogical than personal. Peggy's message is that even from a self-interest, political perspective - our government leaders should act and err on the side of Life
So let me write a sentence I never thought I'd write: Politicians, please, think of yourselves! Move to help Terri Schiavo, and no one will be mad at you, and you'll keep a human being alive. Do nothing and you reap bitterness and help someone die.

This isn't hard, is it?
At the heart of the case at this point is a question: Is Terri Schiavo brain-dead? That is, is remedy, healing, physiologically impossible?

No. Oddly enough anyone who sees the film and tape of her can see that her brain tells her lungs to breathe, that she can open her eyes, that she seems to respond at times and to some degree to her family. She can laugh. (I heard it this morning on the news. It's a childlike chuckle.) In the language of computers she appears not to be a broken hard drive but a computer in deep hibernation. She looks like one of those coma cases that wind up in the news because the patient, for no clear reason, snaps to and returns to life and says, "Is it 1983? Is there still McDonald's? Can I have a burger?"

Again, life is mysterious. Medicine is full of happenings and events that leave brilliant doctors scratching their heads.

But in the end, it comes down to this: Why kill her? What is gained? What is good about it?
and on this question, the Left is put on their heels, mumbling about Terri's wishes (for which we do not have clear and convincing evidence).

As I've said... when in doubt, err on the side of Life. Hopefully, this action by Congress and the President will save her life in time.

There's a Blogs for Terri site which has a ton of information...

Your Co-Conspirator,
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