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Friday, December 16, 2005

Will the Dems Stand by Their Rhetoric (This Time)?

As I pointed out on Wednesday, the Dems (fortunately) lost their opportunity to take command of our military when they lost the Presidential election in 2004. However, they continue to criticize our efforts in Iraq and fail to recognize our successes.

In my mind, they also lost their right to call for immediate withdrawal from Iraq when only 3 Democrats voted in the affirmative on the Duncan Hunter resolution (aka the "Murtha Proposal"). Despite their unwillingness to make their stand on the record, the Democrats continue to call for withdrawal from Iraq.

In response, the Republicans are going to have another vote on the matter, this time to establish the GOP support for not establishing an artificial timetable (which has been the refuge of the flip-floppers and Sunshine Patriots of the Left):

House GOP to Offer Vote on Iraq Pullout
By Richard Simon, Times Staff Writer

WASHINGTON — Ratcheting up the debate in Congress over the Iraq war, House Republicans will offer for a vote today a resolution declaring that setting an "artificial timetable" for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq would be "inconsistent with achieving victory."

The resolution also expresses the commitment of the House to "achieving victory in Iraq" and praises Iraqis for participating in parliamentary elections Thursday, calling the vote "a crucial victory for the Iraqi people and Iraq's new democracy."

The resolution marks the second time in as many months that GOP leaders, facing eroding public support and growing Democratic criticism of the continuing instability in Iraq, have sought to strike back at critics of the war.

Last month, Republican leaders set off a furor in the House by bringing to the floor a resolution aimed at forcing critics to go on record on whether they supported the immediate pullout of U.S. troops. The measure was overwhelmingly defeated.

The measures have come as the debate in Congress over the war has intensified, partly in response to last month's call by Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.), a longtime defense hawk and a former Marine, for the United States to start pulling troops out of Iraq, and as President Bush has received low marks in public opinion polls for his handling of Iraq.

The new resolution says that the "continued presence of United States Armed Forces in Iraq will be required only until Iraqi forces can stand up so our forces can stand down, and no longer than is required for that purpose," and that "setting an artificial timetable for the withdrawal of United States Armed Forces from Iraq, or immediately terminating their deployment in Iraq and redeploying them elsewhere in the region, is fundamentally inconsistent with achieving victory."

Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank) said the section of the resolution dealing with how soon troops should be withdrawn "would seem to be deliberately written to maximize divisions within the Congress" at a time when Democrats and Republicans should be looking to find common ground on how to proceed on the war.

"What's the purpose of this kind of division?" he asked. "It doesn't help the war effort."

Schiff, who was among a group of Democrats invited to meet with President Bush at the White House this week to discuss the war, recalled last month's bitter debate on the House floor, saying, "The last thing we need to do is go through another divisive exercise on the House floor over Iraq."

Well, it's easy to avoid such "divisive" exercises... take your position on the floor of the House and then shut up. After you've voted, there's no need to continue discussing the matter or to revisit Weapons of Mass Destruction.

I think that the GOP should hold a vote such as this every week if necessary... If the Dems continue to undermine our efforts and embolden our enemies ad infinitum, the GOP should make sure they are presented with an opportunity to put their opposition in the Congressional record. Even Rep. Murtha didn't have the courage to support his position in the Congressional record.

It's important that the American public accurately understands the views of the Democratic party...

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