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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"We Killed the Patriot Act" - Senator Reid

Here is the Democratic Leader and some of the other usual suspects at the signing of the Patriot Act back in the Dark Ages shortly after 09/11. What has changed since then, Senator? Can you explain yourself Senator? (H/T to Drudge.)

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St Wendeler said...

What has changed? Let's see... Reid is now Minority Leader, with the Kossacks and DUers breathing down his neck every @#$ing day. And he sees an opportunity politically... so, you konw... the guy sticks by his principles and everything.

For some reason, the Dems think we're supposed to take them seriously when it comes to national security. But when it comes to providing our law enforcement organizations with the same tools that they use against the Gambino crime family, they think it's an outrage.

The Defeaticrats are more concerned with the civil liberties of Islamofascists operating abroad and here in the US than they are concerned with the liberties of Italian-Americans that are part of the mafioso.

St Wendeler said...

Remind me, was it Anthony or Achmed at the controls of that United flight?