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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Update From the Front Lines

***Welcome GatewayPundit and Grouchy Old Cripple Readers.***

Received this email from one of our soldiers, still tirelessly defending our freedom despite our current Commander-In-Chief. I know you will all enjoy - be sure to click on the references I've linked to throughout the email:

From: "SSGT Anthony Rimmage" - Anthony.Rimmage*
To: "ARC:St Wendeler"
Subject: Christmas Away from Home - Waiting for the Withdrawal Timetable

Well, St Wendeler... thought I'd give you an update from the front lines. Sorry for the delay in writing, but you know how hectic things can get over here. Here's my latest diary entry for today:

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005 - 08:30 Zulu Time
How long has it been? It seems like just yesterday that I was stationed here... but, how many Christmas celebrations have I spent in this God forsaken place? Yes, I guess it has been that long. Yet another Christmas is approaching and there's no chance that I'll be home to enjoy it with my friends and family. The recent elections here appeared to go well, but they sure resulted in a lot of political turmoil, what with the various factions all threatening to sit out and fail to create a coalition government. End the end, cooler heads eventually prevailed and a coalition of the two major parties was formed. I was just happy that they didn't end up getting violent - because these people really get enthusiastic when it comes to violence. Fortunately, if they had resorted to their baser instincts, my .50 caliber would've straightened things out... I guess it's encouraging to see democracy in action in a country that really has no history of such things... In fact, more often than not they have rejected any move towards democracy, so it's amazing how far they've come.

Sure, the locals seem friendly and all when we head into town and do a little socializing. But, you can just sense that these people don't want us here. In some cases, it's outright hostility. It seems like they question the motives of everything we do. How many of us had to die to give them freedom and this is how they thank us? I suppose if I had to put up with thousands of foreign soldiers occupying my country, I'd be pissed, too.

Heck, perhaps we're just inciting the locals and making the problem worse. Heck, their probably justified in their hatred for us. Well, one thing is for sure. If we do withdraw now, it's unlikely that the local forces would be able to protect this country from its enemies - internal and external. Add to that the damage that our withdrawal would have on this country's economy and I guess it's a lose-lose situation for everyone involved.

When will our country learn that we cannot be the world's policeman, taking down criminals around the world and replacing them with a form of government that we prefer? The constitution that we imposed on these people is a SHAM, I tell you and they'll figure it out some day.

We've got to stop being the perennial cowboy... This isn't fun & games and a lot of people are making huge sacrifices just so we can have this country as a military staging area. It's disgusting how we've imposed our system of democracy, "capitalism," and other "Western" values on these people - they didn't have a desire for any of this, but did we listen? No, we had the might and therefore we decided what was right.

Sorry to get so down, but today is the 22,144th day that I've been stationed here and I've lost all patience with our leadership's call to "stay the course." This will be the 60th Christmas that I'll spend away from home and I just don't think after all of the sacrifice that it was worth it...

Staff Sgt Anthony Rimmage *
1st Infantry Division
Schweinfurt, Germany **

Yes, Anthony... it's time to end the occupation and bring our forces home. The fight is over and 60 years is long enough. It's time for the German people to stand up and defend themselves. If you want to talk about withdrawal, I say let's start there. Let's pull our troops home, or as Murtha requested, redeploy them to a more important region of the world - like the Middle East.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

* Not a real soldier
** Instead of Germany, similar links could have been provided throughout related to the Phillippines, Japan, South Korea, etc, etc...

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Staple said...

Bastards!!! LOL, You had me! I was limbering my fingers up for a rebuttal. Good one!!!

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mark said...

Well you had me going to the very end! Great job!!!

Grumpyunk said...

Very well done. The quagmire of Europe continues.