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Thursday, December 08, 2005

"No Couch Potato Left Behind"

George Will's column today is a must read.

Your compassionate Congress has just passed a new entitlement to (are you ready for this?) help you pay for digital TV conversion. Yes, that's right folks, Uncle Sugar is going to use YOUR money to subsidize folks converting to digital television. Is that not just wonderful?

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Brian J. said...

But no comment on the fact that the government, not the market, has mandated the switch over which will render all radios built in the last century to be incapable of receiving the signal without the converter?

Monterey John said...

Brian, by that am I supposed to think you believe this subsidy/entitlement is a good idea? I can't imagine you would hold such an opinion.

St Wendeler said...

If I know Brian J Noggle, he's more ticked by the government imposition of the digital technology (instead of allowing the market to develop on its own).

Either that, or he's ticked that he bought a bitchin' HDTV too early and missed out on the government payola.


Monterey John said...

Ah, now that makes more sense :)

Brian said...

I'm with Brian (Hi Brian). The Government created the mess in the first place by mandating the switch. (Not allowing the spectrum to be used, but MANDATING the switch, cuz you know, we're too stupid to understand whats good for us.)