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Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Middle East is not a Monolithic Culture

American Views of the Middle East
by lebanon.profile

Americans are aiding and abetting pan-Arabism.


This isn't a joke.

The way Americans think about the Middle East is the very way that pan-Arabists and pan-Islamists want them to think about the Middle East: it's a region of Arabic speaking Muslims who don't drink alcohol, hate the United States, want to destroy Israel and massacre Jews, and want a revolutionary socialist government.

Ok, this is true... not all people in the Middle East have these views - as evidenced by the democratic movements in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Well, guess I'll continue reading...
That's the equivalent of non-Americans saying, "The United States is a country of white Protestants who trace their heritage back to England and Germany, listen to country music, are xenophobic but simultaneously enjoy foreign wars, go to church every Sunday and Bible study throughout the rest of the week, don't travel, watch Nascar, drink Miller High Life, and eat only chicken pot pie, meatloaf, tuna casserole, cranberries, hamburgers, pizza, American cheese, freedom fries, and stuffed turkey."

That description probably doesn't even describe a single American family. It discounts massive segments of the American population that have driven American political and social life.

*sets down Miller High Life (Lite) and his piece of pizza... turns off the rerun of Nascar race on the Speed channel*

Yeah, that is ridiculous... that doesn't describe a single American family... sure, I like foreign wars (although I'm not xenophobic), go to church (although not every Sunday), but I'm not like that at all.... I mean, I travel... have lived abroad, and I like my freedom fries with American cheese melted on them.


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