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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Implications of NSA Snoopgate on the War On Terror

I was absolutely joking when I asked whether the Dems and their propaganda arm in the MSM wanted this man to be let off on a technicality.

NSA's "special collection program" nabbed terrorist plotter Iyman Faris

Faris admitted to traveling to New York City in late 2002 to examine the bridge, and said he concluded that the plot to destroy the bridge by severing cables was unlikely to succeed because of the bridge’s security and structure. In early 2003, he sent a message that “the weather is too hot” - a coded message indicating that the bridge plot was unlikely to succeed.
So, you know... slippery slope and all that....

(Frankly, if an Al Qaeda terrorist were to pick up the phone and give me a ring, I WOULD WANT THE NSA TO BE LISTENING TO EVERY @#$ING WORD OF MY CONVERSATION WITH THEM!!!!)

Do Shumer, Leahy, and Kennedy, and the editorial board of the NYTimes think that Faris's civil liberties have been violated? Should all charges against him be dropped on this technicality?

Well, it seems that the NYTimes and the Dems' attack on the normal practice of the NSA surveiling foreign agents outside the US (and their communications with co-conspirators in the US) will result in just that.

I watched in horror as attorney's for terrorists (never referred by Norah O'Donnell as such) argued that their clients should be freed and their convictions. Well, I'm sure that the Dems arguing against the NSA surveillance techniques will have a fun time running for congress in '06. For some reasons, I have images of Willy Horton ads dancing in my head. But this time, instead of serial rapists revolving through the prison gates, it will be terrorists with bombs followed by images of the Brooklyn bridge and a closeup of Faris.

Keep it up, guys... this is going to be great - for the GOP. It's a shame that in addition to giving the GOP a political advantage you have to harm the nation's security - and I'd gladly trade the former for the latter. But, if you're going to take a suicidal position on national security, the GOP will have no choice but to give you a little nudge...

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler