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Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm Long on the Anglosphere, Part III

Part I and Part II

As I've predicted in the past, I'm not convinced that China will be able to make the transition to a democracy despite the expansion of it's pseudo-free market. (It's not capitalism in my mind if government officials have a stake in large companies).

On Friday, it was reported that the Chinese government had fired upon villagers in South China, killing many. See Pajamas Media and Gateway Pundit (here and here) for more. The cause for the shooting by Chinese security forces was the fact that the government seized land from farmers and apparently didn't compensate them as they were supposed to. As with most authoritarian regimes, the peasants are mistreated while the party officials line their pockets. From the Epoch Times:

According to villagers in Shanwei, Guangdong province, at 5pm of December 6, approximately two thousand armed police and riot police arrived in Dongzhou village of Shanwei city. They surrounded the hillside and conflicts broke out between the police and villagers who were trying to protect their land. The armed police fired shots at the villagers. So far, thirty-three have been killed and several dozen injured. Two village representatives were arrested.

A villager told NTDTV,"People who died are in their age of twenties. Some are in their age of thirties. I was shaking at home. I didn't know whether they would come here to crush us again."

Villagers said, that apart from shooting them, the armed police used tear gas to drive them away from the hills.

An injured villager told the reporter, "I was shot. The bullet shot my arm and penetrated my arm."

Until December 7, the Shanwei City government had the village under police lock-down, controlling the movements of the villagers-- not letting them go anywhere near the scene of the shootings.
As it becomes clear that the transition from an authoritarian regime to a more (classically) liberal government will either be extremely chaotic (or very lengthy), expect to see an increase in investment in the largest democracy in the world. As I've posted on here, the US is certainly forging closer ties with India and this will continue.

Interestingly, this incident is not making the news in China (perhaps because the government is the press???). Fortunately, courageous journalists are reporting the story in Hong Kong.

*** UPDATE ***
Would we have the cojones to boycott the Olympics? Should the International Olympic Committee allow the games to be hosted in a country that has massacred its own civilians multiple times in the past 25 years (and killed millions of its people within its recent past)?

Seems that there are plenty of sites up devoted to that purpose, such as this one/

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