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Monday, December 12, 2005

If Not Tookie, Who?

The CA Supreme Court (that ultra-rightwing cabal) has rejected Tookie's appeal to stay the execution. Now it's up to the Governator to decide.

I've been reluctant to post on the subject, at least not until Snoop Dogg opened his mouth and compared Tookie to Martin Luther King, Jr.

I'm sorry, but if the state of California is so warped that it cannot carry out a death sentence for a cold-blooded killer that started one of the most notorious and violent gangs in the country, then why do they even have the death penalty? This is the exact reason that you have the death penalty - for the most violent and egregious offenses.

Two notes to those who support Tooke in the Media:

  1. The bulked up images of Tookie from prison do not help his case... a big, angry grimace and 20-inch biceps does not say "I've repented"
  2. The best way for Tookie to teach kids to stay out of gangs is not for you to stay alive and sell a few hundred more copies of your children's books. No, the best lesson would be given when you're killed for the crimes that you commit. The message would be "even the founder of the Crips isn't immune from the law."

As I've said here, I'm not one to cheer for someone's death (unless it's OBL & Co), but the adulation that Tookie is receiving from the Hollywood whackjobs and the Left is sickening.

Head on over to California Conservative and vote... And check out Michelle Malkin for more

*** UPDATE ***
Looks like Tookie's not long for this world...

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