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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Grasping at Straws

It seems that the DUers are all atwitter over the RNC ad showing the Dem leadership undermine our efforts in Iraq. The best counter that they have to offer isn't a criticism of the actual meaning of the ad, but the following from Slate's chief political correspondent, John Dickerson:

The Grinch Who Doctored Photos
The RNC's fraudulent new ad.

The RNC's new Web video "Retreat and Defeat" starts with a flat-screen TV playing clips from Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, Sen. Barbara Boxer, and Sen. John Kerry. As they speak, a white flag waves over their faces while ominous music moans. Dean says the war in Iraq can't be won; Boxer says withdrawal should start after the Iraqi election; and Kerry says U.S. soldiers shouldn't be "terrorizing kids and children, you know, women." Then the camera pans back, and we learn that we've been watching these clips over the shoulder of a U.S. soldier dressed in desert camouflage, his semiautomatic rifle strapped to his back. Candy canes hang on the wall just above the screen, which flashes the message: "Our soldiers are watching and our enemies are too."

The video conveys the impression that somewhere in Iraq, a soldier is having his mission and Christmas tarnished by weak-willed Democrats. Here is a frame from the ad and the actual picture of the soldier, taken two years ago. As shown below, the soldier was really watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

The soldier and the Grinch, pre-doctoring

Web ads are a special low art meant to stir the base. Both parties use them: They are cheap to produce and usually highly misleading. Both parties also hope the media pick up on them and spread their messages without the party having to buy actual, expensive air time.


What neither party has done—until now—is inject the idea that the other party is undermining our troops overseas. The RNC is pimping a mute and unnamed soldier not just to defend the Iraq war but to imply that Democrats are white-handkerchief-waving cowards who want the United States to lose.

So, did the RNC grab a uniformed soldier and have him watch the Dems' attacks on his service in Iraq? No... (and no doubt the Dems would attack the RNC for using a soldier as an actor in a political ad).

But this doesn't remove the point that our soldiers do hear what the Democratic leadership says here at home - as do the terrorists. The point of the ad is that perhaps the Dems should think twice before opening their yappers. Apparently, that's too nuanced a point for the DUers, Howard Dean, and Senator Inouye to grasp.

Be sure to check out the comments on DU, such as these:
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Mon Dec-12-05 05:44 PM
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2. well, they doctor election results

so why is anyone surprised?

Straight Shooter
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Tue Dec-13-05 12:06 AM
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20. He's right. Failure in Iraq is NOT an option.

It's our FATE.

No doubt, since I applied some formatting to the above comments, I "doctored" them....

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