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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Freedom's Thunder

This video has been on my personal blog, but it probably belongs here too.

In September I went to the Salinas International Airshow where the Air Force Thunderbirds performed. If these guys don't give you goose bumps and get the juices flowing, you must be dead. What a great show.

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St Wendeler said...

I've always wondered when I'm standing there at an airshow...

I know what emotions I'm feeling...

but what emotions do the anti-American Leftist feel when they see such a demonstration of American military prowess?

Fear? Shame? Revulsion?

All of the above, no doubt...

St Wendeler

Anonymous said...

Working at NASA Ames Research Center, we
got to watch the Thunderbirds practicing
for the Moffett Field airshow last year,
up close and personal. I was in the
office of a Bay Area "Progressive" when
the number 6 solo plane made a
particularly low, fast pass over our
building, and the response in the
office was "Now we know how those
poor civilians in Iraq feel".

I bite my tongue a lot at work.

St Wendeler said...

Holy cow... are you serious?

Was the "progressive" joking?

I think this could be a useful political barometer, kind of like church attendance. If you attend airshows (and like seeing the Thunderbirds or the Blue Angels) chances are you're sympathetic to the GOP. Those Dems that do like airshows are likely the same union guys that donate to the Dems year after year, but don't agree with them on social, environmental, or foreign policies...

Thanks for the NASA "perspective"! Let's hope your tongue recovers quickly.