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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Few Items

Item 1

The Senate passes a bill that actually reduces spending. Meanwhile, Harry Reid demonstrates why Bush has been unable to change the partisan tone in Washington:

But Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid of Nevada countered that the GOP was advancing "an ideologically driven, extreme, radical budget. It caters to lobbyists and an elite group of ultraconservative ideologues here in Washington, all at the expense of middle class Americans," he said.

Of course, the fact that the Dems don't play nice and pull out their usual, slanderous epithets is all the fault of Chimpy McHitlerBush...

Item 2

The economy continues to grow at record pace:
AP Economics Writer
Dec 21 8:37 AM US/Eastern

WASHINGTON - The U.S. economy turned in a remarkably strong performance in the summer despite surging energy prices and the battering the Gulf Coast states took from hurricanes, although business growth was slightly lower than the government previously estimated. The Commerce Department reported Wednesday that the gross domestic product, the nation's total output of goods and services, rose at an annual rate of 4.1 percent in the July-September quarter. It was the fastest pace of growth in 1 1/2 years.

While down slightly from the 4.3 percent GDP estimate made a month ago, the new figure demonstrated that the economy kept expanding at a strong pace during the summer, led by solid increases in consumer demand, especially for autos, and business investment.
No doubt Harry would regard this as "an ideologically driven, extreme, radical [economy]. It caters to lobbyists and an elite group of ultraconservative ideologues here in Washington, all at the expense of middle class Americans." Just a hunch... Paul at Wizbang notes that there's no credit to the Bush administration in this AP wire story. (Wonder why?)

Item 3

While the Left and their propaganda arm in the MSM go apesh!t over the efforts of our NSA in this War on Terror, be sure to check out actual research and analysis of the FISA statute, Executive authority, and judicial precedent. All of this research is countered in the usual manner, but here's a snippet from Oliver Willis (who in an updated post refers to those of us who are strong on national security as "pro-bin laden" - One wonders how Osama would respond to such a characterization):
There are always going to be some people (Prtoien Wisdom .ed) who, short of murdering an old woman on live tv, are going to defend George W. Bush no matter what he does. But on the issue of this spying, I don’t care what the polls are. If only 1% of Americans understand that the president isn’t above the law, so be it. It is wrong.

to which Jeff at Protein Wisdom responds:
I’ve put research and time into establishing and arguing my position—which I developing by setting out to find out as much as I can about FISA, the President’s authority, etc; Oliver’s response is to call me a kneejerk Bush supporter—which is all he’s capable of, because even surfing the web is a strain on the fat !@#$.

If Oliver has some argument to make rather than irrelevant suggestion that “if it’s wrong it’s wrong” (I’m arguing that it’s not wrong, which makes his objection as flabby as his thighs), let him make it. Otherwise he should just get back to the business of mauling rib slabs.

See Jeff at Protein Wisdom . I especially liked this analysis which echoes my sentiment regarding the political implications of this for the Democrats:
f the Dems’ argument is that, should an al Qaeda operative phone a US number, the NSA should hang up for fear of violating the rights of US citizen—even though there is no evidence the government ever planned to use the information gleaned in a criminal proceding—well, then, let them make that case.

Democratic party spokespeople are all over TV today stuttering through their talking points about the President’s supposed violations of federal law, asserting such with absolute certainty—which, sadly and obviously, means they are forced to argue around the objections raised to their sudden rousing defense of FISA (and against Presidential powers claimed by Carter, Reagan, and Clinton). On FOXNews just now, my own Senator Salazar looked particularly unconfortable and out of his depth.

Tigerhawk also provides excellent analysis of this kerfluffle.

Armando has the following post at DailyKos:
Judge Posner: FISA Needs To Be Amended; Unsaid: Bush Committed Crimes
My next post will be on this subject: "Armando quotes Judge Posner; Unsaid: Armando is the real killer of Nicole Simpson"

Item 4

Faces from the Front provides an analysis of George Clooney's war movies and comes to the conclusion that Clooney is a Neocon. Does anyone doubt that Clooney regards the characters he plays in these movies to be heros and antithetical to neocon foreign policy?

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