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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Democrat's Target Senate Seats

Well, here's their plan according to a story at CNN online:

Schumer, the head of Senate Democrats' campaign efforts, said Tuesday he is focusing on seven states where he believes they can take GOP-held Senate seats in 2006: Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Montana, Tennessee, and Arizona.

They have a good shot in Pennsylvania with Casey running. Rhode Island... so what. The already have a Democrat for all practical purposes. Ohio, mostly because of Republican incompetence/corruption is in play. As for the rest, keep dreaming guys.

Not sure where the vulnerable Democrat seats are, but there likely are some.

If this is their plan, control of the Senate will remain in GOP hands.

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Comments (3)
St Wendeler said...

Yeah, I don't think Talent is going to have a problem here in Missouri... Claire McKaskill, while popular, wasn't able to beat the incompetent Holden in the Dem primaries - and there's some doubt that she would've beaten Blunt anyway.

A dem replacing Chafee from RI (or whoever runs on the GOP ticket) would be problematic... even RINOs are needed, primarily from committee procedural and leadership votes.

While he's not reliable on most issues, we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water.

St Wendeler said...

Well, in my alternate universe, Blunt beat Holden... but in reality, Blunt beat McCaskill.

I seriously doubt that Talent would lose to her. Jay Nixson could give him a run for his money, but I think Talent will pull it out.

St Wendeler said...

nixson = nixon