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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Chimpy W. McHitlerBushton's War for Oil

Damn you Chimpy W. McHitlerBushton!!! How dare you impose liberty, equality, and democracy on peoples that just don't want it!!!

See Pajamas Media
throughout the day for live updates.

Look at this poor woman, forced to suppress her hatred for Western democracy...

Clearly Bush should be tried for War Crimes... He is the true terrorist!

*** UPDATE ***
See these roundups from Michelle Malkin and Mark in Mexico.

Also, this analysis of Biden in Baghdad by good buddy Jim Hoft, aka The Gateway Pundit. (Let's face facts... Biden may be many things (pretentious, indecisive, etc), but he's not stupid.)

and Austin Bay on The Great Revolt. Some key points he picks up from the LA Times coverage of this great event:

Key graf, and positioned near the top of the article:
“I am proud as an Iraqi because our country is becoming a center of attraction for all Arab countries,” said Mohammad Wadi, a 50-year-old Shiite schoolteacher casting his ballot in the capital’s Karada district. He added, “The new situation in Iraq, the democratic system, is starting to put pressure on the Arab systems to make some changes toward democracy.”
Another graf, which gives voice to the shift in Sunni attitudes some of us saw in 2004 :
Many Sunni voters today said they did not vote in January’s parliamentary election, either as part of a boycott out of security fears. Today, they voted with enthusiasm, mostly for one of several Sunni slates or the secular list led by former interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi.

“I didn’t vote in January because at the time the political realities were not clear,” said Abdul Samariyee, 65, a retired tax collector in Baghdad’s Qadasiya district, where police were spotted driving a pregnant woman to the polling station. “Now, Iraqis have begun to realize that the peaceful way is better than violence to get their demands.”

and finally, you can just sense the glee from the Left today as they celebrate this victorious triumph over totalitarianism. Apparently, they think those quoted above are simply sheeple under the spell of Karl Rove and the Bushies. Here's how things are being presented by the Twinkie-Meister Oliver Willis:
Great, the Iraqis had their election (after they essentially had to shut down the entire country again)… so can the troops come home now? Mission accomplished, and all that… (this is one of those Iraq Turning PointsTM)

Yeah, guess not.
Be sure to link over there and read the comments... Oliver's readers appear to like the Iranian elections better than what's happening in Iraq.

There's no mention of the news on DU, other than these posts attacking the justification for going to war and Bush's speech from yesterday.

The Kossacks are similarly mum... Other than this post cheering the Italians reducing the number of their soldiers in Iraq from 2,900 to 2,600.

No wonder the Lefties are against this war. When good news happens, they don't even know about it!!!


*** UPDATE 2 ***
Jeff at Protein Wisdom takes a similar look at the reaction of Lefty blogs. If they don't talk about it, it didn't happen!

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