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Monday, December 19, 2005

Bush's News Conference

Good rebuttal against the Dems & their propaganda arm. Just waiting for the questions from the Washington press corp. Why do I have the feeling that David Gregory (one of the biggest tools in the press corp) will ask his question au Francais? (Although, Gregory probably isn't in the audience, since he's doing the Today Show gig...)

I especially love the promotion of domestic successes... Most of the public doesn't know how good things are economically, although that's changing. I wish he would've extended his address last night and discussed this as well as the successes in the WOT. (Let's just hope that he doesn't promote the continued spending spree by Congress.)

*** UPDATE 1 ***
Love the direct attack on the leak of the NSA intercepts. "It's a shameful act [to disclose our methods of intelligence gathering]." Love the tie-in with Osama Bin Laden and how the WaPo publicized how we were monitoring him.

Democrats retort: "HALLIBURTON!!! Reichstag fire!!"

*** UPDATE 2 ***
John Roberts of CBS: "Can we dwell just a little bit longer on the multitudinous mistakes that you've made as President? The folks over at DailyKos are really peeved that you won't admit mistakes and those people run the country for crying out loud..." (Well, I'm paraphrasing...)

*** UPDATE 3 ***
Like that he mentioned the review that takes place every 45 days... also like the clarification about which calls are monitored.

Let's understand one thing. If you get an international call from an Al Qaeda terrorist, just assume that you're being listened to... If your phone number is in the address book of a captured Al Qaeda cell phone (as in the case of KSM) and you receive a call from an international terrorist, be prepared to be monitored.

*** UPDATE 4 ***
Bush is about as ticked as I've seen him. It's great... just confirmed that Scott Ott at is correct. If we'd have been able to intercept communications back in 2001, we could've prevented 9/11.

Democrats retort: "BUSHITLER!!"

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