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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

ARC's Quote of the Day

As we've been discussing here at Another Rovian Conspiracy, your perception of the appropriateness of these intercepts likely is entirely dependent on your assumptions regarding the War On Terror. If you view it as primarily a criminal matter (to be settled in the courts), then the warrantless intercepts surely will seem to be a prosecutorial overzealousness. If you view it as a hot war, then you recognize it as gathering of actionable intelligence consistent with standard practices of war.

This is the , from this editorial in National Review Online, as it speaks directly to this difference in fundamental understanding of the War On Terror:

The position of Bush's critics is that he can launch a Hellfire missile at an al Qaeda operative in Pakistan or Yemen, but can't listen to that operative's telephone conversations. Absurd.
The entire article is a must read.

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