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Friday, November 18, 2005

Watching the "Debate" on the Withdrawl Resolution

The Democrats have shown their color.

Almost none of them discussed the war. They did exactly what John Kerry did in his e-mail of earlier today, that is, to say that to disagree with them is to smear them. You would have thought Murtha had been accused by Republicans of some crime against nature rather than wanting to get out of Iraq. Seldom a word about whether to stay or leave Iraq. Because if they actually debated the issue, folks would see where they were really coming from. They want to quit. They are afraid to admit that.

It is not cowardly to oppose the the war, in fact I have from day one.

It is cowardly to avoid the issue by throwing rhetorical sand.

Their color?


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ARC: MontereyJohn


They are about half way through the vote as I write this, and there have been five Republican defectors to the other side and no Democrat defectors. Whoever those five are, I trust someone is writing down their names and they will be remembered in primary season. I'm disgusted.

This vote is going to be very close. I thought this idea might backfire, and it looks like it is. Another fiasco. Great leadership. I wouldn't follow them to the laundromat.