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Friday, November 18, 2005

Vote on Murtha Resolution for Withdrawl from Iraq Tonight at 7:00

According to Drudge the House leadership has called Murtha's bluff and scheduled a vote on the his resolution to pull the troops out of Iraq.

Without Tom Delay counting noses and cracking the whip, this makes me very nervous.

Fingers are crossed this goes well. A close vote could be almost as bad as losing. The message going out to the world and our enemies is going to be important.

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ARC: MontereyJohn

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A Christian Prophet said...

Over on The Christian Prophecy blog the Holy Spirit asks who are those who lived by the phrase "We shall overcome!" It seems that overcoming difficulties is everyone's prerogative and separates the spiritually strong from the spiritually weak.

Brian said...

Um. yeah ok...

Monterey.. Don't worry, ol' Roy has counted noses in Delay's stead. He knows the whip count.