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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Left and Intolerance of Dissent

Is non-existent on the Left. As we've posted before, both Brian & I have been banned from commenting on BitchPhD's blog. It seems that others challenging their orthodoxy have now been banned (and their academic careers threatened as well).

The number of times that OliverWillis has deleted my comments are too many to count. He seems to have chilled out, and at least he didn't ban me outright. Thanks for the tolerance, Ollie!

I have also been banned from DemocraticUnderground, as well.

And, another notch on my belt, I just got banned from posting comments on DailyKos. It seems that my comments regarding the facts surrounding White Phosphorous and the applicability of international treaties covering such use were inconvenient for the Kossacks and I am no longer able to rebut their ridiculous claims. It seems that in an echo chamber, everyone must be singing the same tune.

And Kos now has backtracked on White Phosphorous... He actually agrees with me that WP is not a banned/restricted round. At least he's honest there... But that doesn't stop him from using horrific pictures of civilian casualties (purportedly attributed to WP shells) to score political points and undermine the war.

For more info on White Phosphorous, check out my previous post, this one from Jeff Goldstein, and ">this post that has a picture of WP in action.

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Monterey John said...

As one of those comics from the forties said, "I've been thrown out of better joints than this!"