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Friday, November 04, 2005

Kerry - Election was Stolen

Source is DU and it's a second hand account attributed to Mark Crispin Miller at that, but will post once I get the transcript:

BREAKING: Kerry now believes the election was stolen. - Mark C. Miller

Mark Crispin Miller on DemocracyNow just stated that Kerry said to him personally that he, Kerry, believes the election in 2004 was stolen. He also said that Kerry is trying to talk to other senators to move the issue front and center. Sen. Dodd is among those opposing efforts.


Even the DUers think Kerry should give it up...
36. IT doesn't matter what the hell kind of evidence he has now!
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All the Republicans need do is rel=play and replay and replay his concession speech and say two words, "Sour grapes."

He could prove that Karl Rove himself was on a computer changing votes as they came in, and it would change nothing and he'd only get swiftboated again.

Kerry is making the WRONG move at the WRONG time. He's trying to steal thunder from other Democratic Senators who are doing real work and making real progress.

If he has damning evidence that the election was stolen, he should shut his mouth and hand it over to another Senator who was never directly connected to his campaign and let them run with it. Opening up his big mouth now does more harm than good if he has real evidence.

The Republicans simply need to shoot the messenger on this. A wholly unconnected messenger with the same evidence would f$%^ up the Republicans. Kerry doing it is just more grist for the mill.

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