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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Jimmy Carter - History's Greatest Monster

I couldn't believe the idiocy on display by our former President Jimmy Carter this morning on the Today show.

n a subsequent Matt Lauer interview, Jimmy Carter -- on to plump his new book "Our Endangered Values" -- was so quick to accuse his his own country and government that even Lauer was taken aback.

Said Carter: "The news this morning about torture around the world by Americans is going to [make a lot of news]."

To his credit, Lauer corrected the record for our Blame-America-First ex-prez:

Carter also longed for a return to our previous values in foreign policy... I assume he's referring to coddling of dictators, rubber-stamping "elections" of dictators, and no doubt prostrating ourselves before the Islamists.

He also ridiculously claimed that the Geneva Conventions (perhaps even Protocol I which even he had the sense to not sign) should apply to terrorists, since all countries have signed on to it. Of course, I don't remember seeing Osama Bin Laden at the signing ceremony...

Perhaps he slept in on 9/11 and never saw the gruesome act which set this country on a different path than the realpolitik of the past which just ensured that our friends today would become our enemies in the future.

He needs to understand that on September 12th, the past policies weres shown for what they were - mistakes.

Jimmy Carter - History's Greatest Monster

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