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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Saw this on Puffball Hardball with Tweety Bird Chris Matthews...... glad to see that Hugh was also talking about it.:

"The manipulation of intelligence, to sell the war in Iraq, Vice President Cheney is involved in that. The White House energy policy, that puts Big Oil ahead of the American consumer, Vice President Cheney is behind that. Leaking clasified information to discredit White House critics, the Vice President is behind that. Halliburton, contracting abuse, the list goes on and it goes on. Certainly America can do better than that."

It seems that the Dems are disappointed that Fitzmas did not bring a Rovian indictment, so they're aiming their sites higher - to the Veep himself. And it's interesting to watch Matthews devolve into a shadow of the rabid whackjob Keith Olberman, who reports the news as if his only source is The Raw Story and Eric Blumrich.

Anyway, I think we are seeing the complete and total invasion of the Democratic Party by the Body Snatchers. It's as if Harry Reid were Mark Moulatsisdjfsis of DailyKos or any number of nutjob posters on DemocraticUnderground. The next thing you know, he'll be talking about how Bush knew about 9/11 or how Bush stole the 2004 election in Ohio. (Oh, wait... while the Senate Minority Leader hasn't made those claims, the Chairman of the DNC and the last Democratic Presidential Candidate have made those claims.)

As we've posted previously
, this isn't your grandfathers (or fathers) Democratic Party.

Now, on to the actual purpose of Reid's attack... he wants Cheney out. Well, I say.. "Kudos to Harry!" Let's put Condi as Veep... or perhaps Romney or Giuliani. Let's start solidifying our 2008 Presidential nominee now.

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