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Monday, November 14, 2005

Grasping for Twinkies Political Advantage

H/T Jeff Goldstein at ProteinWisdom.

Oliver Willis is making a big fuss of the Bush administration using the White House website to promote their policies.... He thinks this is an improper use of "federal property."

Whose Money Are They Using For This?
by Oliver Willis

I know its probably something that will fly under the table, but last time I checked this sort of opposition research doesn’t have any place on the White House web site. It’s all well and good for that kind of thing to go on, but we aren’t paying the Bushies tax payer dollars to investigate Sen. Kennedy’s votes. At least we shouldn’t be.
to which I commented (pending moderation, so yet another test of Oliver's willingness to allow dissent):
Oliver - This is silly… I’m sure you’ll have a post out shortly about Harry Reid’s use of his government funded site for this partisan attack
against Bush’s Veteran’s Day Speech
. Or this partisan attack calling for Cheney to clean house.

Or Nancy Pelosi’s partisan statement attacking the failure of the House to pass the budget resolution.

And besides, I don’t think you can seriously make the claim that a Senator’s public statements and votes should be considered “opposition
research.” Now, if they had posted Kennedy’s bar bill from the local strip club on the White House website, perhaps you’d have a case… Nor
can you seriously object to the White House providing the text of a newspaper article in one of the nations leading newspapers… seriously…


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