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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Google It.... Just a Little Bit...

Think Bush lied about WMDs?

Then Google It... Just a Little Bit....
[yes, that's a reference to this song]

If only the Press and the Democrats these highly sophisticated research tools...

Be sure to check out this bit of video from which shows the Dems own remarks about Saddam:
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No doubt the Kossacks & DUers will lament that this is pure propaganda - that you can clearly see Rove's hand moving the mouths of these puppets in the video. Heck, I think the White House should post this video on, sending OliverWillis into another fit over the taxpayers paying for "opposition research" for purely political purposes. (Strange that public statements by elected officials is considered opposition research by Oliver, but hey... when you're demented enough to think Howard Dean is a moderate, one shouldn't expect much.)

H/T to Doctor Sanity. Be sure to visit her site.

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