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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

From the Left Coast...

It's the morning after the tragic suicide of the State of California. These people are frickin' nuts. It is hard to conceive of the mass delusion that holds this magnificent state in its thrall.

As most folks know, we had a number of propositions on the ballot that were a beginning at getting a handle on the mess that is the government of this state.

Wellllllllll (in the immortal words of Frank O'Pinion).

The opposition to these reasonable measures was astounding. Millions of dollars were spent on tedious and inaccurate attack ads opposing the propositions. Big Labor was the primary source of the funds. Interestingly, one of the propositions would have required that unions get the members' permission before spending their dues on such activity.

The state, according to my favorite morning talk guys in San Francisco, is like a beautiful and generous woman who has gone totally insane. There is no way to get control and the only thing you can do is sleep with a pistol (but not in San Francisco[that's another story]) under your pillow or flee to Nevada or Arizona.

The alliance between the anarchist left, the elite liberals, the cult of victimization and labor has a strangle hold on California.

I have no idea what if anything can be done to change course before this Titanic state strikes the iceberg of financial ruin. It is institutionally broken, and any attempts to fix it are repudiated by the aforementioned coalition. It is depressing.

I love California, that beautiful and generous woman, but the pistol under the pillow is giving me a crink in my neck.

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ARC: MontereyJohn

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Intellectual Insurgent said...

How were any of the propositions going to enact REAL reform in California? So what if teachers get tenure in 5 years instead of 2. It won't change our appalling educational system. So what if union people don't need permission to spend money on political causes? What's so tragic about that?

None of the propositions seemed like they had anything to do with real change, but more to do with Arnold wanting to use the electorate to settle some scores. No one likes to see an arrogant asshole use them against the people who educate their children and respond to their 911 calls.

If the R's spent less time insulting people and pretending to be the monopoly of morality, and dedicated their energy to truly uniting the community, they would have found themselves in winning seats across the country.

Monterey John said...

What is with the Lefties? You can not just disagree with folks. They have to be "assholes," arrogant ones at that.

Anyway, the budget initiative was more than worthwhile. The teacher tenure was an excellent idea. The re-districting was, well, I guess there is no good answer. The union dues thing was one hell of a good idea as anyone who watched TV or listened to the radio over the last nine months could tell you.

Anyway, always nice to hear from the other side of the asylum wall.

49erDweet said...

ii deliberately did not mention 76 or 77, but then why weaken his case?

Fiscal and political suicide is accurate.

Possibly there were too many decisions required of a less than sophisticated electorate. Next time try two measures, only, and get out in front of them with early on forecasting what the opposition will say AND PROVING THEM TO BE LIARS.

The lefties seem to take a perverse pride in misleading voters. We need to quickly play off this when it occurs.

St Wendeler said...

Not sure we should say that the electorate is unsophisticated - too similar to the cries of the Left that we're all sheeple for supported W.

But, the propositions had a big fault in each of them - they ran against liberal orthodoxy. And let's face facts, California is a liberal haven - which explains the problems that is has on every level.

I'm afraid that things will only get worse before people recognize that perhaps they might want to consider free market principles to see if they'd improve the situation.

And, by the way, the "government by referendum" mode out in California is ridiculous... Why elect representatives if you're going to leave issues like this up to the electorate every year? It only insures that people who have no concept of the financial situation of the state play the largest role in bankrupting the state.

St Wendeler