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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dick Durbin - Please Call Your Office!!!

Scenes from my gas guzzling SUV:

Gas prices are now where they were one year ago and inflation is slowing because of this return.... Let's hope that this reduces the idiotic push for a windfall profits tax and demonization of oil companies.

(BTW, all you ever wanted to know about the effects of "windfall profits" taxes is here.)

Woops... I should've known better.

*** UPDATE ***
Check out Land of Ozz and Michelle Malkin for more.

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Comments (2)
Brian said...

Not to worry, NBC was hyping the "rising" cost of Food this morning.

First gas prices, and now food prices are going up! What is someone to do!

They even tied it into the oil companies, because as you may not know, those plastic packages that food comes in? Why they're made of OIL (cue stormtrooper music).

The oil execs are into our FOOD too! What kind of evil neocon conspiracy is this!

St Wendeler said...

Wait, I thought Americans were too fat and we needed an obesity tax?

I'm soooo confused....