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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

ce qui je souci? (What Me Worry?)

At least, that's the translation that AltaVista gave me...

From AP:

French Rioting Appears to Lose Strength
Nov 9, 7:31 AM (ET)

PARIS (AP) - France's storm of rioting lost strength Wednesday, with car burnings falling nearly by half, police said. But looters and vandals still defied a state of emergency with attacks on superstores, a newspaper warehouse and a subway station.

The extraordinary 12-day state of emergency, which went into effect Tuesday at midnight, covered Paris, its suburbs and more than 30 other French cities from the Mediterranean to the border with Germany and to Rouen in the north - an indication of how widespread arson, riots and other unrest have become in nearly two weeks of violence.

No worries... the insurgency is starting to tail off... why, only 600 cars were torched last night. (And they're small cars at that, so it would be like burning 200 US cars, you American Pigs!)

I know what needs to happen here and anyone who questions my plan is with the terrorists eerrrrrr,,, insurgents, errrr... youths (that better?). George Bush and Don Rumsfeld should announce Operation Franco Freedom. For the 3rd time in 100 years, the US could save France's bacon... we could send in the Army's 4th ID and put this insurgency down in short order.

No doubt the French people would treat us as liberators. Heck, we could even do a landing at Normandy just for kicks... to remind the people of our past heroics. Now, it won't be easy... militarily, it'd be a cakewalk. But winning the peace would be difficult. We would have to transform over 200 years of French desires for a statist planning... but we're up to the challenge.

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