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Monday, November 21, 2005

Brainwashing in the Middle East

MontereyJohn alerted me to this video, so a Tip of the Hat to our contributor conspirator on the Left Coast (and he'll have to tip his hat to whoever sent him the link)

The Middle East Media Research Institute - TV Project has translated these video from Iran.

#906 - Iranian Animated Film for Children Promotes Suicide Bombings

#908 - Palestinian Children Clash with an Israeli Soldier in an Iranian Animated Movie
Transcript (excerpted below)

An Israeli soldier approaches a crowd of young Arab protesters on the street. The protesters are burning an Israeli flag, holding stones in their hands, yelling, and raising a sign that reads "Death to Israel". The protesters throw stones at the soldier, and he in return fires his weapon, killing most of the protesters. A protester who has remained alive cries at the sight of his dead comrades. He picks up a slingshot and a stone and aims at the soldier. As the stone is released into the air, it turns into a hand grenade, and explodes at the soldier's feet. The soldier has now become a skeleton wearing shredded army clothes. Behind him stands an old man, wearing a hat with the American flag printed on it.

These cartoon is intended for kids and is absolutely disgusting. And some want to better understand our enemies? What is the point of understanding this insanity?

Add to this this disgusting tv show that uses an 3 1/2 year old Egyptian girl to spout anti-Semitic garbage from 2002...

*** UPDATE ***
I see that Bill O'Reilly will be covering this tonight... No doubt the Left will decry his program as simple-minded propaganda supporting the Zionist pigs.

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Comments (5)
Monterey John said...

The Hat Tip goes to Desert Rat of Ft Stinkin' Desert.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

For some balance. This paranoia is not healthy.

St Wendeler said...

Great Links, II... however, I doubt that there are many in Iran who are aware that everyday Muslims are fighting back against the radicals that have hijacked their religion. It's promising, but it's only a start.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

Forgive the cliche, but every fire starts with a spark. If a non-Muslim does something, we are supposed to hail the effort, but when Muslims do something, "it's only a start." In the Islamic community, all of that is a HUGE step.

I have a few friends from Iran who have gone to visit and they tell me the people are quite fed up with the government. People in the region, in general, have a great distrust for what comes on television since it is so censored, that I don't worry that these broadcasts are going to radicalize anyone. The Iranian government is crumbling from within and we should see all this silliness as evidence of that. Leaders that rely on hatred and slogans are typically those clinging at straws.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

Here's another cool link.