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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Al Gore - Please Call Your Office!!!

Ok, this is the third post with such a title, but it just couldn't be avoided. Our fellow conspirator, MontereyJohn has just posted video to Google Video and as I go through all of the video that the multitudes have posted on their site, I have a feeling that the "awesome" concept that Algore had for TV/Internet will be overtaken by Google. Why wait a long time to someone's submission on a topic when you can just search by category on Google?

For example, want to see some hardcore motorcycle riders? Here's a category. Here are two that I like:
Motorcycle Dog
FZ1 Ride In Germany

How about Jets?

Or whacky freestyler on a Jet Ski?

And if you really want to see the awesome content from CurrentTv, why watch it on TV when you can grab it on demand from google itself?


While we're on the topic of terrible video, does anyone have any thoughts regarding video blog posts? I'm sorry, but it's pretty dreadful - for a variety of reasons. First, as ARC:Brian put it, they have faces for radio and voices for print. Second, there are a lot of awkward pauses between the two, especially during the intro where they basically spend a minute or two saying "Hey... how's it going. Good.. how are you? Fine... we got some reviews... yeah, doing good."

Now, I like both bloggers and read their posts often. But, not sure that what attracts people to blogs is going to work via video. (ie, it's tough to skim past the boring parts... ). With video, you feel obligated to either sit through the entire thing, hoping that it will improve. When it doesn't, it's not likely that you'll revisit the video... In addition, listening to Kaus or Wright read their sources to me is another problem. I have a feeling that if they had posted on these subjects, the quotes they would've excerpted would have been longer and more robust.

Just... don't... see... how... it... will work. perhaps I'm wrong. Of course, God knows that I couldn't do a video about our blog posts, so who am I to judge?

Great Job Bob & Mickey!!! (So they can quote me in their next vblog post thingy)

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler

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Monterey John said...

My little father/son video seems to have fallen into the same post with other "terrible video." When Google releases my next one of Granddaughter Ava, you better say something nice. LOL!