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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

'06 Fundraising

Willisms has this information which shows that the Dems, while succeeding in the press, are not winning the hearts & minds of the American electorate... at least not among those willing to contribute to campaign coffers:

For all the talk of looming political trouble in 2006 for Congressional Republicans, the major GOP committees are out-raising their Democrat counterparts. And it's not just a handful of ultra-wealthy individuals contributing the big bucks, either. It's grassroots success. Lots of small and medium contributions.

Despite troubling polling numbers and overwhelmingly biased news coverage cooked up by the media, and despite a few targeted grumbles here and there from the GOP base, Democrats have failed to offer anything but shameless demagoguery, scandal-mongering, and seething hypocrisy.

Thus, Republicans have maintained their fundraising advantage across the board.

Check out the post for the charts & graphs... the Republican Senatorial Campaign committee isn't doing as good as the party in general, but as Willism points out... is anyone surprised by that?

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