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Monday, October 24, 2005

A weak attempt at a "Lileksian" Post from St Wendeler

Some Lileksian (?) moments that I had with my son over the weekend... (I know that "Lileksian" isn't a word, but damnit it should be... and I'm not referring to his screedblog or posts where he's totally political, but the popcorn stuff about his daughter, Gnat... you know, where you actually FEEL like you're sitting there scrolling through the iPod with him, making the trip to the grocery store with him, etc... There's probably only enough room in this blogosphere for one such story teller and I'll definitely cede that territory to him, but here's a stab at it.)

Had a great weekend with the family... Fun stuff... did some work done around the house, took the kids to get a flu shot. You know, stuff that's just a blast!

Being Cooool and Brave
My son is 3 1/2 years old and I've posted a pic or two of him on this blog. Well, before we left to go to the doctors, he decided he had to comb his hair so it'd look cool. After he came out with his hair looking like a bird's nest, I did a quick fix with the comb and we got ready to go... He immediately breaks into tears:

"But I want to be cool. I not cool... my hair not cool. "

Am I in trouble or what? What 3 year old knows what "cool" is? Being the good Dad that I am, I immediately break out the digital videocam and start filming his breakdown - you know, so I could play it back to him when he's 15... I'm sure his therapist will find it very amusing, too.

Load the kids in the car and we head out to the doctors... Since my daughter is only 6 months, no need to explain to her where we're going. We've told my son that we're going to the doctors, but not the minor detail that it's for a shot. My wife and I have been delaying this until we had him strapped in the car, so he couldn't try and stall.

Son: "Why we going this way? Dr. Teesha isn't this way..." (What 3 year old knows the way to their doctors office?)

Me: "Oh, we're going to a different doctor today..."

Son: "Why?"

Wife: "Well, we're taking you and your baby sister to get a shot today... so you don't get sick this winter."

Son: "A shot? I LIKE SHOTS!!!"

Both of our jaws drop as we look at each other. We had thought of toys and special treats that we could use to keep his mind off of the shot, but he seemed to be okay with the concept.

"OK, that's great!"

We arrive at the doctors clinic and head into the room. Son sits on my lap and I roll up his sleeve. Well, as they get out the needle, a look of terror suddenly appears on his face. I realize that his only knowledge of shots thus far is probably from the toy doctor's kit that he has at Grammy & Granddads. And when he plays with that, he always gets a pill after giving (or receiving a shot). And the "pills" at Grammy & Granddads are peanut M&Ms.

As the nurse plunges the needle into his arm, I could see that he was surprised by the pain. But he didn't cry or anything... I think it was over before he realized what had happened. But I know I winced as she gave him the shot. As the nurse put the circus band-aid on him, he tells the nurse "I like shots..." but this time, not sounding as sure as he was in the car.

He then jumped up onto the examining table with his baby sister so he could sing to here and help her through the shot. Like nothing had happened.

As we leave the room and go to sit down in the waiting room, my nieces come into the office for their shots... He runs up to both of them and shows them his bandaid and proclaims, "I'm brave... I like shots!"

I tell him, "You sure were brave... and you know what made me proudest? When you helped your baby sister with her shots. You're such a good big brother."

Another moment, from breakfast on Saturday. I normally make breakfast with the help of my son on one day of the weekend. It's usually pancakes - he loves to stir the ingredients...
Son: "Let's eat our pancakes outside!!! "
Me: " It's kind of cold to eat them outside." [about 45 degrees or so...and foggy]
Son: "I know... I got great idea! we can wrap up in a blanket to stay warm!"
Me: "That's a good idea... but I think you'll still be cold. Why don't you open the door and let the dog in and see how cold it is."
Son: "Maybe we should just eat them inside, huh?"

And finally, our new favorite game.
For my birthday, my son got me a set of flashlights. He loves flashlights and all of the ones that I've had were cheap ones that broke within 30 minutes of use. Well, as I'm watching this trainwreck, my son comes running over...
Son: "Daddy, I've got great idea... Let's play flashlight tag!! You get the big flashlight and I'll use the little one. "

Me: "Ok, what are the rules? "

He explains... it's essentially hide & go seek in the dark w/ flashlights.

Me: "Ok, who hides first?"

Son: "I'll hide first. I know!!! I'll hide in here" (pointing to his favorite spot to hide.)

Me: "Don't tell me! You've got to hide so it's tough for me to find you... I'll go count and you hide."

I run to the designated counting spot and count to 10 real loud...All of the lights are off in the house and I start searching for him. Sure enough, I see his little flashlight glowing from his favorite hiding spot and hear him giggling. I smile and pretend not to hear him as I search through the entire house... as his giggling gets louder. After searching everywhere but his spot, I come running over and yell "THERE YOU ARE!!!"

Son: "You found me!!! I love playing this game with you, Daddy... it's fun!"

We continue to play the new game... 45 minutes later, I've completely forgotten about the dreadful Cardinals game and am laughing with my son.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: St Wendeler