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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Supreme Court Nominee - At the Risk of Piling On

How long ago was October 3rd, the day President Bush made his Miers nomination to the Supreme Court? It seems like a lifetime ago. It's been like enduring a toothache waiting for the trip to the dentist. It's been the antithesis of the runup to the Roberts' hearing.

Much as I disliked the immediate reaction of the hard right, be it the shrillness of Ann Coulter or the smarmy elitism of some others, the point is now clear that this was a bad choice.

Much has been said, mostly on the con side, about this nomination. People that I hold in high regard are pretty vocal. Even the usually affable Jonah Goldberg has expressed his dismay.

At the risk of piling on, I am adding my two cents to the argument that this nomination was a mistake and should be withdrawn.

I am having a hard time convincing myself that the president regards this nomination as a serious matter. If I had a war on my hands, perhaps I would feel the same way. But as a citizen and lawyer, I know this indeed is a serious matter. I also know that Ms. Miers does not possess what we have been looking for and expecting. There are just too many well qualified candidates out there too settle for what has been offered up by President Bush.

I would love to see someone like Laura Ingraham. Now there is a candidate! Smart, aggressive, has the training... and did I mention, gorgeous?

I guess what I'm saying in a light hearted way in referring to my pick, we could have done way better.

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