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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Other Clemon's bombshells....

As another example of how good Clemon's sourcing is, just look at a previous post:

This just in from a close friend who worked inside the pinnacle of Republican power in the Senate a few years ago, so while this is rumor -- it's Republican rumor, which makes it interesting:

Steve, just heard from trusted friend that McCain was approached about serving as VP if Cheney has "health problems" or otherwise steps down.

Beyond that, speculation that Miers will step down to be replaced by a Bork-like sub (even better, Bork himself...). In other words, Cheney takes a bullet, a titanic battle over SCOTUS ensued to change the subject. You didn't hear this from me, but feel free to pass on such unsubstantiated rumors.

Uh.. Yeah. Right.... McCain supposedly hates Bush, why would he accept a VP slot? Besides he could have been VP already if he had signed on with Kerry, and he turned him down flat. McCain doesn't want to be VP, he wants to be President.

And Bork? For a Miers replacement? Bork is ooooollllllddddddd.... and he was already rejected by the (albeit different) Senate. That dog just don't hunt.

Bork like? Sure I could see that after the trouncing that Miers got from the "elites" itching for a fight, but Bork himself? He wouldn't even accept it if it was offered to him. Well he might, just to have fun during his confirmation hearings before they kicked him to the curb again.

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