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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Oh No he didn't......

Thanks to Gateway Pundit for the link. Now that Rove is likely to escape indictments, we'll be able to continue the conspiracy without those pesky jailcell bars in the way. Be sure to check out this post, which is a nice summary of the facts that the MSM just doesn't seem to be aware of.

Sitting here watching Tim Russert on Meet the Press, he just mentioned that (paraphrasing until I can get a transcript):

We no know, that Rove talked to Nove and Cooper, We now know that Libby talked with Cooper and Miller....
Whats missing here? Why Tim himself! He's integral to this story. He's involved. His name is mentioned in the indictments. No mention of it on Meet the Press at all however. That's NOT reporting the whole story. That has to be a violation of journalistic ethics.

He doesn't have to testify ahead of time on his program, but he has to at least mention that he's integral to the case against Scotter Libby.

*** Update ****
Ok, so it appears that in a later stage of the program Tim does mention his role (using the term "me") but doesn't go into it any further than his NBC press release.

Since it was only reporters on the roundtable, its no surprise any of them didn't ask for details that Timmy may have.....

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St Wendeler said...

He came back and mentioned it elsewhere in his program... Loved it when he was reading a newspaper article that had his name in it and he got into "Bob-Dole-Third-Person" mode.