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Friday, October 14, 2005

Mission Accomplished - A Hero Returns

Well, last night was a joyous occassion... the return of my brother-in-law who has been serving in Qatar, Iraq, and Afghanistan. For the past six months he has been coordinating transportation for wounded soldiers and civilians out of Iraq & Afghanistan. Regardless of the branch of service or the country they serve for, my brother-in-law was tasked with getting them to facilities that could best handle their specific injuries. He received several awards (like a coin presented to him by General Abizaid for his performance evacuating the women MPs over the summer).

As I've said previously, be sure to keep all of the soldiers serving our country everywhere around the world in your prayers.

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Here are some pictures from his return last night:
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A Hero's Return
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Some Hugs for my littlest conspirator
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My oldest conspirator shares a drink with his hero
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Cool Shades!
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More hugs (and drool?)
(She's teething...)
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The family reunited

If you don't know, the USO is run entirely on private contributions and does not receive Federal funding. It is an invaluable resource for our servicemen and women when traveling. If you have an opportunity, please donate.

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