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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

If Hillary had done this....

Jonah has an interesting thought experiment posted on the corner (reposted in full, because seriously, anybody reading this blog has already read the outstanding Corner):

I'm know that I'm not the only one getting a lot of grief from some readers about the view around here that Miers is under-qualified for the job. Many of the emails assert that all one needs are strong reading skills, a logical mind and, and ... well that's about it. This strikes me as an unfortunate line of argument. Again: Miers may turn out to be a great justice. But she's never been a judge, never written seriously on constitutional issues, never been a litigator on such issues etc etc. But if you want to make the case that none of this matters, that's your perogative. All I ask is that you honestly address the question of whether you would have the same reaction if Hillary Clinton nominated her longtime personal lawyer under similar circumstances.

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Hmm.. What if Hillary! had appointed her longtime personal lawyer under similar circumstances? Would I cry cronyism? I might probably make that argument up until the point that I learned that Bill Frist had personally recommended her to Hillary.

One thing I wouldn't think is that Hillary's pick would be a conservative in liberal's clothing. Because I know Hillary is a liberal. And I know that if she had known someone all her life in a personal and meaningful way, that she would know that person's "judicial philosophy", and would know its true colors.

Why do we assume that Bush is picking a liberal? And as pointed out on this blog earlier (see here and here), its not about the confirmation fight, its about the judicial fight.

More later.

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