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Friday, October 28, 2005

Fitzmas Letdown

Well, the DUers are not pleased.

Julius Civitatus Donating Member
Fri Oct-28-05 12:50 PM
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7. Fitzmas: we just got underwear; no pony, no bicycle

We were all still hoping for the price pig, Karl Rove, to get a few indictments he so rightfully deserves.

Getting Libby is fine, but I was expecting Rove. This is the equivalent of getting underwear for Fitzmas, instead of the pony you wanted.

I can't believe that there's only 1 PERSON that was indicted, given all of the bluster for the past 2 years - and the indictment isn't even over the original focus of the investigation, but over perjury and obstruction of justice.

As Victoria Toensing pointed out on Hannity yesterday, the fact that Wilson was able to blabber about his "secret mission" in the NYTimes raises serious questions about the competence (and perhaps motives) of the CIA in the run-up to the war. Why wasn't a guy dispatched on a secret mission required to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

***UPDATE 1***
And the Kossacks think the fix is in and think Cheney should go down, too (despite the fact that conversations between Cheney & Libby aren't considered a disclosure of confidential info):
Just the beginning? (none / 0)

I sure hope this is just a beginning...

My optimistic side says that Fitzgerald is one smart cookie, and he is rolling out his indictments one-by-one so that the drumbeat of evidence (and turncoats) builds, snaring more administration officials as each prosecution progresses.

My pessismistic side says that the Bush administration, with the complicity of the media, will let Libby be the fall guy and successfully insulate Bush/Cheney from the scandal.

As someone who watched the Iran-Contra hearings play out, I tend toward the pessimistic side. That was a true disgrace, and yet Reagan, North, and the rest of their cronies came out smelling like roses. Amazing.

by Hudson on Fri Oct 28, 2005 at 09:58:16 AM PDT

What about Cheney!? (none / 0)

Libby's going down big time, but what about Cheney? Lots of coverage on CNN this morning about Cheney and Libby being joined at the hip; libby being Cheney's Cheney, etc.

How can Libby go down without Cheney getting mussed up in the process? I know - due process and all that - the actual evidence must apparently point to Libby not Cheney, but this is something that We, the People, must keep under the spotlight.

Cheney and Libby are not severable. They are one and the same, and Cheney should not get to smell like a rose if the endangerment of national security reaches right into the nerve center of his office.

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by writeout on Fri Oct 28, 2005 at 09:59:03 AM PDT

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Monterey John said...

If Libby did what the grand jury has indicted him for, he is not half as smart as I always thought he was, i.e. telling tyhem he got Plame's name from Tim Russert when there were records of conversations with others within the government prior to his talking to Russert. On top of that, Russert denies Plame ever came up in any of their conversations.

I can not imagine what he was thinking. Where were his attorneys? Talk about incompetence.


Well, the rest is all good news so far.

St Wendeler said...

Apparently his attorney was a specialist in Patent Law....