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Monday, October 24, 2005

Encounter With A Moonbat

I was at Yosemite Saturday to get some sunset/dusk pictures. I encountered another photographer on our perch high above the Yosemite Valley looking out toward El Capitan and Half Dome. He had a beautiful new high-end Canon digital.

We talked for awhile about such things as color, composition and light. He knew his stuff. He seemed normal enough.

Then we were joined by a German tourist couple. They seemed like nice folks. My companion then started to tell them some things: Bush is just like Hitler, the US is just like Germany in the 1930s, people are being "disappeared" here in the US, people are being tortured etc. Holy smokes!

I stood behind the guy and to one side so the tourists could see me. I tapped my temple with my right index finger and shook my head. I hoped the sign was universally understood. They smiled.

There really ARE people like this. Before this encounter I thought it was kind of overstated all in the spirit of fun, you know, Moonbats and the like. Well, they are out there, and they really think like that.

How many of these folks are there?

Well, I got one heck of a nice picture.

Your Co-Conspirator,
ARC: MontereyJohn

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ptg said...

You can't always spot one. Without their buttons, signs and face-paint, they look just like regular folks.

My girlfriend and I took an elderly neighbor of hers out to lunch. Suddenly the 90 lb. oldster started telling everyone in the restaurant how Bush had caused hurricane Katrina to kill poor people.

The folks at the eatery knew me, and understood. But what would the foreign tourists have thought if you hadn't given them the loco sign?