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Sunday, October 09, 2005

BitchPhD - Winning your hearts & minds on abortions for 13 year olds

BitchPhD is one of the most extreme feminist bloggers that I've run across. Well, it seems that she's such a promoter of abortion that she feels that parental notification laws requiring 13 year olds to notify their parents or to seek a judicial exception are just way too restrictive on a woman's "rights." She discusses this Dear Abby column, which discusses a terrible situation in which a 13 year old is brutally beaten by her father. Unfortunately, the Priest and the girl did not consider bypassing the notification requirement by going to a judge.

The deranged professor's reaction to this snippet from Dear Abby?

For that reason, I do not believe that parental notification should be mandated by law. And because sex education is no longer taught in as many states as it had been before, I strongly urge parents to begin talking to their children early about the facts of life and their personal value systems, in order to create a safe and comfortable environment should a crisis occur.


Dear Abby fails to mention that all mandatory parental notification laws include exceptions.

Be sure to read the comments, because (as usual) BitchPhD's readers show that they're just as extreme as she is on the issue.
Parental notification just one more step along the way of limiting women's access to health care in the form of health care.

If a underaged girl is old enough to get pregnant, she's old enough to have control over her own reproductive choices.
Karen in Kalifornia
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One would assume that she would also be old enough to vote, sign legal contracts, take an over-the-counter medication without a note from her parents, and support herself - but one would be very wrong.

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