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Thursday, October 27, 2005

And in Lighter News...

It looks like Patrick Fitzgerald has teased the DUers and Kossacks enough and Fitzmas will be tomorrow. All of the rumors and speculation about indictments coming down Wednesday or Thursday turned out to be a load of bunk, but that hasn't stopped everyone from continuing to speculate.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald does not plan to act in the CIA leak case on Thursday, a spokesman said, setting the stage for the prosecutor to make a last-minute announcement on indictments before the grand jury expires on Friday.

Either that or there will be no indictments, at which point the long knives of the Left will come out for their new found hero.

Woops!!! It looks like there's already concern from the DUers that "the fix is in!"
55. you're right

this is not good, the fix is in. Plus, Bush might have preemptively pardoned anyone involved and Fitz won't waste indictments.

The whole thing will be a whitewash, which explains the Friday news dump.

And you can just sense the anticipation in this post:
SugarBear Thu Oct-27-05 10:41 AM
31. I'm positively electric with anticipation.

I woke up this morning tingling from excitement over the possibility of indictments; my partner said I had been tossing and turning all night. He too is on edge.

This is too much to bear. If there aren't any indictments I will feel positively suicidal! I'll need to resurrect my post-election support group at the Y. This is gonna be a long 24 hours. Oh God!

I just hope that Fitzie indicts so this poor soul doesn't commit suicide!

And be sure not to miss these "news artices", which demonstrate just how much the Left is pinning its hopes on Patrick Fitzgerald:
Apparently Fitzgerald indicted the President, the Congress, and Tony Blair (?!?), not just for leaking Plame's name, but for the illegal war in Iraq. Hmmm, didn't remember that being part of the investigation!
Besides the Valerie Plame CIA leak case, the Fitzgerald probe is reportedly far-reaching and expanding much deeper into past White House criminal acts involving Bush-Clinton drug money laundering in Mena, Arkansas to White House involvement in 9.11; but also for sending America’s young people to their deaths or to be maimed in Iraq and Afghanistan under false pretenses.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair was indicted for obstruction of justice and is reportedly consulting with members of Parliament and legal aides regarding how to avoid appearing in the U.S.A. for interrogation before Fitzgerald in Chicago.
Oh, and the indictments were already delivered... the delay is just because Bush & Gonzalez have been obstructing justice!

Other news from this source? Barbara Olson, who was killed on 9/11, is still alive. Clintons, Bush 41, 43 are implicated in JFK Jr. assassination... great source for news, DUers!

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