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Friday, October 21, 2005


This had better be some sort of Halloween prank:

Reality Check Needed
I can tell you right now, after having coffee with a dozen or so Republican Senators on Tuesday morning, that not only are these pork-barrel spending cuts up in the air, so are the tax cut extensions.

The Senate GOP is very much in danger of forgetting the principles that got them control of the Senate in the first place.

They'll be lucky to get 10% if this is true....

And I'm about to shut down this site if Bush doesn't get his rear in gear:
Question: Why haven’t they come out in favor of the House GOP effort to increase mandatory spending cuts and seek a three-percent across the board discretionary cut as per Marsha Blackburn and others? It would get them $500 billion or $600 billion in 10-year savings estimates. Why didn’t the White House signal help for Senator Coburn’s “Bridge to Nowhere” pork-barrel spending cut?

And why isn’t the White House beating the drum for the tax cut extensions on dividends and capital gains? The latest budget data shows that not only are these cuts are self-financing, but they create powerful growth throughout the economy. Ben Bernanke is making this point, but where are the others? And where is the President? And why aren’t they touting the numerous pro-growth recommendations in the Connie Mack tax reform commission? Mack’s group didn’t go far enough on a flat tax type proposal to reform the income tax system, but there are excellent ideas for corporate tax cuts, savings account expansion and AMT elimination.

Again, I repeat my mantra: The Bush Administration and the Republican Senate and House must return to pro-growth first principles for lower spending, lower tax burdens and energy deregulation. A campaign like this would boost the stock market and help rally the investor class.

Our poll last night on CNBC suggests that investors are deserting the GOP. The poll asked when it comes to pork spending, which party was worse. Republicans earned profligate spending honors by a margin of fourteen points, 57 percent to 43 percent. This is a bad leading indicator for the GOP in terms of next year’s mid-term election.

The Bush Republicans simply cannot afford to lose this key part of their base.

Well, may need to shut down this site anyway after "the boss" forces us to do the perp walk with him. (Actually, he's probably protected us in his testimony so we can continue to do his bidding even though he's otherwise indisposed).

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