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Monday, September 12, 2005

Zogby - Tough Questions

Well, John Zobgy apparently isn't that bright... he doesn't want to believe his own polling.

Bush Still Beats Kerry: What Am I Missing Here? (187 comments )

In our new poll, every president since Carter defeats Bush. But Kerry still loses to Bush by one point. What am I missing here?
(Of course, John's polling going into 2004 election was way off as well, but we'll assume for the sake of discussion that these numbers are accurate.) Some others are offering suggestions to him as to what this poll might mean.

Well, I think it's instructive to look at the results of the poll. Here are the numbers, George W Bush versus all other presidents since Carter (and a haughty, French-looking Senator who by the way served in Vietnam and unsuccessfully ran for President).
Bush vs Dems...Bush vs GOP
Bush vs Clinton...Bush vs Bush (41)
44 - 46...34 - 41
Bush vs Carter...Bush vs Reagan
42 - 50...20 - 59
Bush vs Kerry
48 - 47

First, note that W doesn't do well against his Republican predecessors. I have to say that I agree in the case of Reagan - despite W's response to 9/11 and his ambitious plan to change the face of the Middle East, his unwillingness to hold the line on federal spending has been a concern for me. Fortunately for W, the Left's insanity has kept me from even considering them as a possible alternative. It's also interesting to note that Reagan trumps all of the former Presidents, the protests of the MSM notwithstanding...

But notice that Bush barely losest to Clinton who (according to the adoring press & the Left) is one of the greatest Presidents in recent history. It seems that Clinton still isn't able to eclipse the 50% that dogged him throughout the 90s. And Carter's performance is such a distant memory that most respondents probably think of him merely as the guy that builds houses (and coddles dictators).

Why did Zogby stop at Carter? Why no Ford, Nixon, or LBJ?

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