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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What Was Going on in Baton Rouge Pt. II

Last week I asked what was going on in Louisiana government during the crisis last week.

That picture is now beginning to develop.

On The Corner at NRO this morning:


[Kathryn Jean Lopez]I take everything this man says with a grain of salt, but is this
true, what he claimed on CNN yesterday?

NOLA Mayor Nagin interview w/Soledad O'Brien in which he says
Gov. Blanco told the President she needed 24 hours to make a decision for
Federal aid.

NAGIN: The president looked at me. I think he was a little
surprised. He said, "No, you guys stay here. We're going to another section of
the plane, and we're going to make a decision." He called me in that office
after that. And he said, "Mr. Mayor, I offered two options to the governor." I
said -- and I don't remember exactly what. There were two options. I was ready
to move today. The governor said she needed 24 hours to make a decision.

S. O'BRIEN: You're telling me the president told you the governor said she needed
24 hours to make a decision?


S. O'BRIEN: Regarding what? Bringing troops in?

NAGIN: Whatever they had discussed. As far as what the -- I was
abdicating a clear chain of command, so that we could get resources flowing in
the right places.

S. O'BRIEN: And the governor said no.

NAGIN: She said that she needed 24 hours to make a decision. It would have been great if we could of left Air Force One, walked outside, and told the world that we had this all worked out. It didn't happen, and more people died.

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